I am still recovering from the piñata making and the birthday party of my best friend’s kid, who turned 9 this weekend. Still here at my friend’s house. The kid is out with her dad, shopping for some extra birthday presents. My best friend is still tired too, sleeping it off. It almost feels like we had a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, all we ever did was entertain 10 hyperactive kids on a birthday….


I discovered this fun tool today. I’m sure it’s out there for a while… But I am so in love with it right now!! It’s called TeamViewer. My mom called in with some computer problems earlier. The poor thing isn’t that good with computers and no matter how many times I explain certain things that seem easy to me, she just doesn’t get it. She uses social media like Facebook, but still doesn’t know how to attach a file to her email for instance. So, I tried to help her through by phone but somehow it didn’t seem to get her anywhere.

The conversation went like this:

me: "Move the mouse to the upload button" 
mom: "How do I move my mouse?"
me: "You grab your mouse and move it around. 
Look at the pointer while you move the mouse 
in your hand. Can you see the pointer?
mom: "I think so..."
me: "Ok, move that pointer to the upload button."
mom: "What button? I don't see a button."

It just went on and on like that… Luckily I’ve worked for as a customer service employee for a well known Dutch internet provider. I’ve helped out grannies with their computer issues by phone before. But somehow, talking my mom through her computer issue by phone just… Seemed to lead us nowhere…

She had a deadline, whatever she had to mail had be mailed out today. So I thought and thought and then figured to help her from a distance, with TeamViewer.

It’s free and easy to use for computer noobs and nerds alike. The nerd can download the program for free from the website and install it. The noob can do the same. Both have an ID and password (which changes after each time you log off again). Once the nerd has the ID and password of the noob, the nerd can access and control the computer of the noob and fix whatever problem the noob has with their computer. It’s that simple.

I am totally in love with this program now. I like to help people with their computer issues but sometimes it’s just a lil difficult explaining every single process a person can do with certain software… It’s much easier to just show them what needs to be done.

As a matter of fact, I am helping my mom still while typing out this blog. She needed her harddrive to be cleaned so that’s what I’m doing right now. Once I’m done, I can just turn off her computer for her without actually having to be there in person.


Yesterday night I made an attempt to put the Piñata butchering, which I filmed with my cheap samsung phone, on Youtube. The kids asked me specifically to put it online. They just loved the fact that they had a camera on them, once they discovered it.. So how could I refuse their request, right?

Unfortunately I couldn’t put it on Youtube just yet, because the film is about 3 minutes too long. Pitty huh? Just 3 minutes! But oh well… So I’ll have to fix the length of the film.

So… I am going to fix that today too. There are parts on the film that I rather not share with the rest of the world. The butchering is quite entertaining though. Once the film is ready I’ll share it here too 🙂

Well then, I better go check my mom’s hardrive now XD Tee-hee, I love my new toy. I’m having so much fun with it! **sigh** I am such a nerd…

6 thoughts on “YAWN

  1. Hi, the whole thing is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s truly good, keep up writing.

  2. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Many thanks!
    Where are your contact details though?

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