Rise of Nightmares on Kinect

My sister and I are geeks. We love videogames. Where other little girls would play with dolls and make-up, my sister and I would play with our Nintendo Gameboy and Xbox classics together.

We still have gaming sessions now that we’re older. We team up on WoW or Fiesta or play Army of Two on Xbox 360. It’s fun quality time, chatting up while killing goons. But what’s more fun, is stomping those goons with your “bare fists”. Yes, we are very aggressive girls…

Last week my sister called me. She said “I am going to do something horrible today.” I had to laugh and asked her what she was up to. And then she said she was on her way to a videogame store to get herself Kinect for her Xbox 360 console and the game Rise of Nightmares, amoung other games. I was answering the phonecall in the bus, sitting right next to the busdriver. And my response was “Cool, let’s smash some zombies with our bare fists then!” You should’ve seen the busdriver’s face, it was hysterical.

So I tried the Kinect game. What an interesting experience! No controllers, no remote. No, your arms are the controller! Throughout the entire Rise of Nightmares game you walk, run, crouch and swim literally by moving your arms and legs. And when you’re facing a zombie head on, there’s just something interesting and exciting about pushing and punching them with fists, or just kicking them. It’s actually a full body work out.

After 2 hours of running through the dungeons of Rise of Nightmares, stomping zombies with my bare fists and what-not I actually had to sit down and have a break. The next day I actually felt the muscles in my arm as if I’d been lifting weights in the gym.

I haven’t managed to come to the end of the game just yet. But I like the game already. I love this new concept of not just sitting back in my couch or bed with a controller in my hand. I actually have to come in action with a Kinect game, run, jump, crouch and fight myself through the game. No more sitting back, but being part of the action. Losing weight will be a lot more fun and easier with a Kinect in the house, I can promise you that!

It’s a shame they don’t have that many games yet with Kinect that understand this new form of gaming. There are a few sports games out now, but they just lack in proper smooth movement when it comes to the controles. My sis and I are waiting in anticipation for Fable the Journey to see what they are going to do with this Kinect platform. I can’t wait to “cast some lightning bolts with my bare hands”. Ah, fun times!

Until then, Rise of Nightmares is one of the best Kinect games out there to my opinion. It pulls you into the game like a magnet. The plot of the game is a pretty simple horror story. Expect a lot of gore, blood, chopped of heads, rotting corpses, deep and dark dungeons and crazy accents. The only thing that really got me jumped throughout the game so far were the clowns… I don’t like clowns. Aside from that, it’s not really THAT scary when you’re used to movies with similar plots. All in all, the game gives a great Kinect experience and I can’t wait for more games like these!

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