Aimlessly wandering

Hello lurking lurker!

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? September is near. I had 3 weeks off from work. This week is my last week off. I imagined to do so much during my weeks off. But now I look back and think “Where has the time gone to?”

I spent my days playing video games. Got my hands on Fallout 4 and been wandering aimlessly in that game for several days. There was a mayor discount offer on steam for the game and I just couldn’t let that pass me by. So if you like to see me noob around, check out my twitch account:

Sunday I went to church again. It had been more than a year since I last set foot in the Indonesian church. Not just because of corona pandemic. I was having second thoughts about the way things are going in church.

Aside from that I wanted to focus on my dad, who lives alone in the North and he is getting older. He needs help but doesn’t ask or accept help from strangers. A stubborn man he is. So every weekend I go up North to help where I can and by the time I go back home I am dead tired.

I’ve been asked several times by the church when I will serve as a worship leader again. But I don’t know. I love singing, but to just pick things up like I did back then for the church is difficult for some reason. It doesn’t feel right somehow.

But I guess I will just have to take my time and think it through. Meanwhile, I’ll aimlessly wander in video games to clear my head.

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