It’s Wednesday already. The week is in half. My mind keeps me awake. Yet I’m tired. I keep people at arms length. Feel lonely and empty. I think I need a break. This Wednesday.

Rambles on a Monday

Is it August already? Time sure flies. Weather has been all over the place the passed few weeks. Sunny, rainy, floody… Those poor people in Germany, Belgium and the south of The Netherlands had their European version of a monsoon. Meanwhile, it is vacation season. And with this pandemic still being a thing, vacation is … More Rambles on a Monday

Worries of the day

I sit here, smoking my last cigarette of the day, staring into nothingness. Thinking about all the things I really shouldn’t be thinking about. Worries of the day can wait for another day. Night is here and my bed is calling.

Random Rambles

Oh to be honest, I really have nothing to say. Just woke up about an hour ago and trying to motivate myself to get out of my bed. Work starts at noon so I could roll over and have a few more snores. I could. 🥱 * yawns * Maybe I should. I still work … More Random Rambles