Worries of the day

I sit here, smoking my last cigarette of the day, staring into nothingness. Thinking about all the things I really shouldn’t be thinking about. Worries of the day can wait for another day. Night is here and my bed is calling.

Random Rambles

Oh to be honest, I really have nothing to say. Just woke up about an hour ago and trying to motivate myself to get out of my bed. Work starts at noon so I could roll over and have a few more snores. I could. 🥱 * yawns * Maybe I should. I still work … More Random Rambles

It’s been 9 years?

Wow. WordPress just sent me an automated notification that my WordPress account has been active voor 9 years. This excuse of a blog or what-cha-wanna-call-it exists for 9 years. Well wow. Congrats to those who care! To celebrate, I will make myself some french toast, stuff my face and roll back into bed because that’s … More It’s been 9 years?