To vaccinate or not?

Yesterday I had my 1st covid vaccin. From the moment I joined the queue of people waiting at the vaccination location, all the way until the needle was put in my arm, I couldn’t help but be in doubt. Now I usually overthink a lot of things every single day. So why would I not overthink this either? 

Why was I in doubt? I don’t know. Of course I tried to read up about Covid 19 and the vaccinations. Obviously on websites from WHO and such, the information is very pro-vaccination because the people who are behind this website truly believe that these vaccinations are good for us. 

But there are also theories from other people about these vaccinations. Theories that come from religious people, for example. Christians who claim that the Bible is against the vaccin. What does the Bible say about getting vaccinated? When you open a Bible and look up “Covid Vaccin”, you won’t find anything.

Perhaps some of the stuff written in Revelations could be interpreted as a warning for the vaccin, though? I know church people who think that the vaccin is the “mark of the beast” and that those who take this mark will go to hell. I know people from church who actually have covid now and still refuse to get their vaccination because “what if the vaccin is the mark of the beast”?

In Revelations it says: A mark that will be placed in the right hand or forehead. How should this be interpreted?

Yesterday, the vaccine was injected into the muscle tissue of my left upper arm. The reason why they prefer to inject it in the muscle tissue? Well there are several articles on the internet for you to read, if you’re up for it. Here’s one that I read today.

After the vaccination was injected into my left arm, I did receive a stamp in my passport. Without my passport I am not able to leave my country legally. This was the case, even before I had my covid vaccin. Infact, it is the case for basically anyone in modern society. You must have a valid identification document to be able to travel outside your country’s borders. 

I’ve tried living without a passport for a few years. It’s something I actually wrote about years ago in this very blog. And I can tell you, that it makes life rather complicated and difficult without a legal identification document. Especially in Western society. I did experience God’s strength through that crazy time in my life. But it also made me more aware that the things we think we know, might not be what they seem to be.

Without a passport or other legal identification documents, most people won’t be able to get a bank account. Without a legal identification document and a bank account, it will be hard to find a job the legal way and getting paid a salary the legal way. Sure, there are ways to get paid for work off the grid. In most countries that is illegal, though. Without a legal identification document, a proper income and a bank account, one wouldn’t be able to purchase or rent a house. One wouldn’t be able to sign up for certain basic common luxuries such as: electricity, a cell phone service, internet, a TV service and in some cases even running water.

Maybe we should all be living like the Amish then? They don’t have any of the modern luxuries and lead a very simple life. Is that what God would want from us? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t? Are Amish people going to Heaven because of the way of life that they have?

What about the Mormons? The Catholics? The Protestants? What about Jewish people? What about all the other religons who all think they are doing it right? Will they all go to heaven for the way they live their lives? Or will they all go to hell? Who is right? Who is wrong? I believe that there is salvation in the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. I believe that He died and paid for all of our sins, by laying down His life at the cross.

The mark of the beast, is it the Covid vaccin? Isn’t it perhaps the bank account and your legal identification document? Or is that just a crazy thought? Perhaps it is. Perhaps it isn’t. 

What would Jesus do in this matter? Would Jesus get vaccinated? Maybe He wouldn’t need the vaccine, because He is God’s son and can heal the sick and raise the dead. But would Jesus be against anyone who would get vaccinated? I don’t think He would be against it. 

His commandment is: Love one another and do unto others as you would want to be done to you. Getting vaccinated is an attempt to try and protect the people around us. It can help protect against the virus. It can help to protect the elderly, your parents, your kids and anyone else you care for.  

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