#wearethechange #makechesterproud

Today is March 20th; the birthday of the late legendary Chester Bennington, leadsinger of Linkin Park. In honor of this event, lots of fans from all over the world have made some heartwarming stuff to show their support to the band and Chester’s family and to celebrate his legacy.

Chester had a beautiful broken soul that reached out to so many, touched the hearts of so many. It still hurts to hear the sound of his voice, painted on our memories, knowing he couldn’t stand the hurt anymore. #fuckdepression

What is beautiful, is the love and strength that the LP family gives each other. From the Linkin Park’s bandmembers reaching out to the fans, from the fans reaching out to the band. Dealing with the ups and downs, trying to make something positive out of it all. #wearethechange

What follows now are fan-made stuff to pay tribute to Chester Bennington. Stuff that members of the LP Family made: Spread across the globe but united by the music. All remembering the legendary Chester Bennington, who would’ve turned 42 years old today. Celebrating his life.

20.3.2018 – Chester Bennington

made by RED

Happy 42th Birthday Chester Bennington!

made by Linkin Park GpLatinoamerica

The Messenger Lyric Video

made by LPU

A bunch of fans that regularly visit the LPU Forums have put together a lyric video to Linkin Park’s song “The Messenger”. Each line of the song is artfully handwritten by a fan. There’s also beautiful drawings, pictures, wood crafts.

The video itself is put together by Nick aka Egocentric Pancake. You can find his other videos on his Youtube channel and his music on Soundcloud.

Pictures & Drawings


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Thank you note

A few weeks ago, I met up with a few fans in Amsterdam for a little get-together. One of them came all the way from Dubai! We were so grateful for being brought together by Linkin Park like this. And so we made this thank you note.


4 thoughts on “#wearethechange #makechesterproud

  1. (Opsie it got sent lol 😂)
    Glad you had an awesome time in Amsterdam! Seriously band and the fans have a great connetion 😊❤

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