Demand Mike Shinoda to come to Amsterdam

Mike Shinoda brought out his beyond awesome Post Traumatic EP barely a month ago.  Have you given it a spin yet? It’s available everywhere. I got it on auto-repeat almost every day. It is just oooh soooo goood.

With new music usually also comes touring. Thus far it is announced that Shinoda will do a show in Japan. But there are so many other fans out there all over the world who would love to have this multi-talented musician perform in their country, in a city nearby. Am I right?

Through his Social Media accounts, which he has quite a lot of to be honest, Shinoda’s been asking the fans to help promote his music. Spread that crap all over and get everyone infected. Have everybody you know undergo the Post Traumatic experience. It’ll be good for them!

Another way to promote Mike Shinoda, is by requesting a show. One where he will dance like Mc Hammer would be nice, but I doubt we’ll ever see that happen. The next best option is to just go the website This is a site where fans can make requests for their fave artists to come do a show in a town nearby. I for instance would love it if Mike Shinoda did a show in eh… Well eh… I suppose in Amsterdam….

Would you please help and check out the website and cast your demand too? It is much appreciated. You should totally want to demand Mike Shinoda to come… To a town nearby… Because his EP is oooh sooooo good and you totally love it too, you know you do.

So yeah. Go to this site:

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