The second month of the year

January kind of felt like a 31-days-long hangover. A bad headache that just keeps pounding on the head like an annoying infant that tries to drain all energy out of you.

But with the blink of an eye, January has said goodbye. And so we enter the second month of the year. This month actually feels like the actual “new” start of the year. Or actually, no it doesn’t. But we like to pretend it does. Because we like to be pretentious a-holes, don’t we? Sure you do, pretentious bunghole…

The second month of the year, includes a lame ass unimaginative consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day.

But there’s also other festive days to look forward to. Here in The Netherlands, the south of the country celebrates Carnaval, which is actually based off an old Western Christian tradition that occurs before spring.

During this Dutch Holiday, people celebrate life by going all out and party. There’s parades with colorful crafted floats. People dress up in funny costumes and celebrate life. And after all the partying and stuff, the Christian tradition goes that people start fasting to reflect upon life and prepare themselves for Easter. But like with many other traditions that slowly become just an excuse to party and get drunk.

Well cheers, to the second month of the year. Of course there’ll be other interesting festivities awaiting. But thankfully there’ll be plenty of work for me to keep me off the crazy path. Or not? Meh…

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