Trying to stick to them new year resolutions…

So…. It is Monday, we are 2 weeks further into 2018.

This year started great. Public transport going on strike so I had to walk to from home to work and back, which is about an hour walking.

Then last Thursday, we had a crazy storm. Code Orange was announced at first. My garden chairs ended up being dragged by the strong wind to the other side of the garden. The trainstation if my hometown was too dangerous and was blocked off, because of objects falling off the roof. Buses were not allowed to come near it. It meant that anyone who had to be at the other side of the trainstation, would have to walk around it. I had to work that day so it meant I had to walk about 30 minutes more than usual.

But hey; It is great! I did wanted to excersice more. And aside from the 2 times that I actually took a spin on my hometrainer, these fortunate events helped me stick to my New Year Resolution 😆

The other 2 Resolutions I have failed at…. Not eating meat anymore and going vegetarian is something I do want. But dang… Every Sunday after the sermon, we have dinner at my Indonesian church; with lots of tasty chicken. Dang it. But I will keep on trying.

Have you been trying your New Years Resolutions? Which one was easier to stick to?

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