Eminem – Revival

Eminems’s latest album Revival dropped on December 15 in 2017. Due to all the Holiday Chaos I had hardly time to sit and actually listen to it. But today is my day off. So hooray, finally time to lock myself up with some good new music.

The brand new album from everybody’s favorite angry white boy from Detroit is 19 tracks long. I personally love it with when musicians come with a large tracklist. Legendary rappers such as 2pac and Biggie both made albums with at least 20 tracks, if not more.

But it’s not just the amount of songs that make an album massively great to listen to, or not. It’s not just the name of a musician that makes an album good. But hey, I do love me some Eminem, though. After tragedy raged like a selfish hurricane through 2017, Eminem’s brand new album sure is a welcome surprise, to me it is at least.

On this album, Eminem has collaborated with a lot of interesting artists. Some names were expected, but some were not….  The 1st song of the album is a colab with Beyonce; Walk On Water. Eminem’s flow sounded a bit different than usual to me, though. It’s like he sounds like someone else…. I’m not a fan of Beyoncé but she makes good music and hands down, the woman totally owns that song. The song is amazing though, needs to have a few more spins to totally be able to grasp the context.

The colab that made me frown for a moment, was the song with Ed Sheeran. It’s not a bad song. Ed Sheeran isn’t even a total bad musician. I just… Didn’t expect it to happen. But hey, River isn’t half bad of a song either. It’s a nice up beat track.

A colab well expected is Alica Keys with Like Home. A very strong where Eminem sounds more like himself again. For as much as he can sound like himself.  It’s become a favorite of mine already. A nice power song.

Another gem is the Bad Husbands featuring X Ambassadors. What an amazing song! Some people may grow tired of all the songs where Eminem talks about the mother of his kids. But from all the songs he made about her, this one was just…. Sweet 🙂

Then there’s Tragic Endings with Skylar Grey. Eminem has worked with this singer often in the past. I think it suits him that he includes her on this new album again. Another powerful song, a good listen.

Whenever Eminem and Pink colab on a song is just awesome! The touchy ballad “Need Me” is another great song. Just wow. I really love it.

There’s so many other precious gems on that album though. Have you given the new Eminem album a spin yet? What’s your favorite song from it? I love almost every song on it. It’s that good. And yes I’m totally biased, I love all of Eminem’s music and his new album Revival is totally going on auto-repeat for months to come.



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