FML: Can’t wait for tomorrow

Seems like at least for this first week of the new year, I will surely have to stick to my New Years Resolutions. I wanted to exercise more. For that, I bought myself a hometrainer for Christmas. Also, my brother had already given me an excercise ball earlier in 2017.

But tomorrow will be an offered an opportunity to stick to my New Years Resolution on a whole new level. Tomorrow, all buses in the land of wooden shoes will be going on strike. What makes this even more remarkable, is the fact that in my hometown they’ve initiated a new bus company only 2 weeks ago. The bus drivers are rude and are never on schedule and yet they dare to complain that they should have more salary.

So while the buses strike tomorrow, I will have to walk to work tomorrow. The nice extra motivation is that if I won’t, I’ll risk getting fired! So yeah, that sure is nice…

I so look forward to have to start my evening shift tomorrow, after a nice stroll of an hour through the windy and rainy streets of my hometown. The stroll to work isn’t even the one that bothers me the most. Nope. It’s the stroll back from work to home, after having to stand for 8 hours straight with hardly a break and having to pass a bunch of crummy streets where wannabe gangster-kids hang out on the corners to entertain themselves with fireworks or assaulting random innocent people passing by. That’s the part that just excites me the most about this great opportunity!

Hooray for this great opportunity… Just… Hooray… What a great start of this brand new year. Just marvelous….. Oh so nifty. So wow….

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