Coffee and Cookies Club

Oma, Gran, Rocking Chair, Rocker, Oude, Vrouw

It’s Sunday morning. The sun is shining through the clouds. I am waiting at the train station to meet up with my brother. At the next trainstop we will meet our father. Together we are heading to the Coffee and Cookies Club, which is how my dad has labeled our weekend with granny.

Yesterday I was not able to attend the club. My brother and dad went instead. It’s nice that my brother joins the club more often now. From what I have heard though, is that yesterday’s get-together wasn’t as pleasant. My father’s ex insisted to join too and this woman was able to actually aggravate my poor old grandmother with Alzheimer.

A nurse who helps my grandmother frequently told me one time, that Alzheimer patients respond better when treated with kindness and patience. A set of skills my father’s ex doesn’t really know how to use.

Personally, I think anyone will respond a lot better to kindness and patience.

The Dutch part of my family are all rather a bit rough on the edges. They mean well, but can be a bit blunt. That, in combination with the presence of someone who enjoys to express oneself by stinging others with their words and then gets offended when others do the same; Let’s say it isn’t much of a fun party.

Today, my father’s ex will not attend the club. Maybe this is for the best. My grandmother can use some positive vibes. I’m looking forward to meet her in an hour or so. Hopefully she hasn’t remembered much of yesterday’s grey clouds.

Stay positive. Be kind and have patience. It takes you a lot further in life.

It seems my train is here.

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