Finding an acceptable cheesy gift for Fathers Day

Upcoming Sunday it is Fathers Day in the land of wooden shoes and windmills. I love giving presents to my parents. When I succeed in finding a gift they actually enjoy, that’s when it is even better. This sounds quite logical, but is actually a lot harder than it seems.

As a child it’s always easy to gift your parents something nice. A kid could just draw something cute, make some nifty diy craft or buy a random small fun gift. The parents will smile either way. Who wouldn’t smile? It is just too adorable when kids go out of their way to make something for their parents or go out and buy presents. Only a grumpy cold mean-bean wouldn’t at least smile!

bad-gift-meme-baxterbooWhen you pass a certain age, though, you discover that finding the right gift somehow just becomes more tricky. The cheesy gifts you once gave to your folks as a child just don’t quite cut it anymore now that you’re attempting to adult. Mom and dad will smile all the same, but you notice it’s more of an awkward smile. And you’ll also notice that for some weird reason, some of the gifts you gave on previous occasions have never been seen again afterwards.

After all these years of failing in gift shopping I am still determined to get the hang out of it. I want to at least be able to find an acceptable cheesy gifts for my old folks that makes them smile, without feeling awkward.

Gift shopping for mom is not too bad, really. My mother is  the easier customer when it comes to presents. She likes to try out new perfumes, she likes shoes and clothes. Basically, she likes the things I like too. I could just treat her on a day shopping and mom’d be more than happy.

This year I took her out shopping as well and I’ve learned another valuable lesson. Having coffee at a local café nearby after shopping with my mom is not a good idea. She just gets weird and awkward. Maybe it’s just not her thing. But finding her something nice has never been a problem.

5ec27c148fc66cc66371d746298437c1There’s plenty of cheesy typical Father’s Day stuff available in stores right now. All sorts of corny objects labeled as the perfect gift for any given man are just waiting to be purchased by some sappy person. But… What does my dad need a toolbox for?  Or garden tools? He’s not the handiest guy around nor is he a gifted gardener.

Seriously, finding something nice for a typical old man like my father is quite the challenge to me.  Treating my dad on a day shopping wouldn’t be a great idea. My dad doesn’t see the importance in having more than 4 sweaters in his closet.

If I could just find a shirt with the exact print of the can of beans displayed on the picture on the left, that’d be hilarious. But would my dad actually wear it?

Late in the afternoon, my little brother and I went for another attempt to go gift hunting in the shops again. We ended up buying some random cheesy stuff that we hope the old fart can at least use. Men do like socks, right? A man can never have enough socks, right?  Oh boy, then my dad will love these for sure!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy dad likes coffee, cookies and ice cream. Often we gather at the “Coffee & Cookies club”, the clubhouse is located at my grandmother’s house. This upcoming Father’s Day we will be having another “Coffee & Cookies club” meeting. It’ll be nice to see grandmother again and it has been a while since my brother joined the club. That by itself should be quite a remarkable family moment for this Father’s Day. I think my dad will enjoy that the most :)

In the end, it’s not about receiving gifts on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It’s about spending time with them. We’re all getting older, they’re getting older too obviously. One can just never know when might be the last time you get the chance to share another memory with either of them. Any moment you have to spend together is precious. That precious memory, that remarkable memory, is the best gift of all.

How are you spending this upcoming Father’s Day? Do you have a cheesy acceptable gift for your old fart yet? You could always consider going for a real cheesy gift, like the one and only cheesy tee made by yours truly. Will your dad like it? Of course he will! It’s cheesy, it’s a tee, it’s a nice comfy cheesy tee. What’s not to like?

Click here to get yourself your own cheesy t-shirt!

Feel free tos share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for lurking and God bless you.

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