Since a few months I’ve started working at a place where the majority of the staff is female. From the start, I was warned that even though it can be a fun place with lovely individuals that outsiders who tried to fit in have called this the “Snake Pit”.

issue-gossip-points-step-3-version-2They say a real woman likes to gossip. I’ve never understood the fun of it, though. Sure curiosity strikes when you hear a slice of a story about what’s her face who had a fight with whoever the other one is. But what I don’t understand is why people have to completely drag someone through the mud, based on slices of a story that maybe aren’t even true or for misunderstanding their intentions because of the lack of being able to look passed what one can see. Causing what’s her face to maybe have a bad reputation thanks to the rumors, maybe even causing her to get fired.

At work I tend to keep a certain distance with my co workers. Especially the ones that like to gossip. I will be friendly, talk about small things and might even indulge in making jokes or share random fun stories. Most of the time I’m more of the quiet one, though. I just refuse to participate in talking trash behind someone’s back. It is just mean and a lack of will to try to accept others for maybe being a bit different or whatever stupid reason. It’s plain ignorant, that’s what it is.

aid421788-728px-not-gossip-step-01The other day I was on lunchbreak and just walked in the break room, when  I overheard these two snakes talking to the my female boss. It appeared that a key had gone missing and there was given out wrong information to customers. These snakes tried to imply that it all these mistakes were made by yours truly, because only a newbie would make such mistakes. I wasn’t even at work when the key got missing and there are a lot of other co-workers on the floor who work there maybe for a longer amount of time but who are able to still make mistakes.

Some people never really grow up, they remain the insecure bully they once were in school and take that attitude with them in their adult life. It is sad for them, because I just smile and tell my boss that it’s too easy to just blame everything on the newbie while there’s a chance that those customers might have gotten their information from other sources, aside from me or any other newbie.

My boss agreed and said in front of those two snakes that she believed me. You should’ve seen the look upon the faces of those snakes. But I smiled and wished them a good meal anyway…

Some people at work are starting to avoid me now. They smile but you can tell they don’t really mean it. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to gossip with them. But I don’t really care. When someone gossips with you, they are surely gossiping about you too. And that’s because they’re sad individuals. Fudge them.




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