My heart is drooling

Those who lurk this poor excuse of a blog since the very beginning know. I’ve made it no secret that I absolutely love Linkin Park. Every now and then I will post something about the band’s activity. Almost every day I check their official website and hang out with fellow fans on the forums. Not just to find out about new information about the band but also because there are a lot of wonderful souls that gather there.
asbrvtecmaen96mIt has been quite a while since the band released their last album “The Hunting Party” in 2014. Since then, fans have been anticipating about when a new album would be released. As pro fun loving trolls, the band could of course not help tease their fanbase during the past years with numerous of hints by frontman Mike Shinoda and his other bandmates about their studio progress. Some hoped the new album to be released in 2016. Others were scared that it would take a lot longer than that.

Then last week, on all sorts of social media platforms, the bandmembers of Linkin Park shared the same mysterious Distorted Test images. Curiosity and excitement among the fan base rose up once again. Numerous of LP-fans on the bigger fansites devoted their time to decipher the colorful Distorted Test image, speculating the hidden message and on what exact date the new material would be released for our eager ears and eyes to enjoy.

16473036_1074542789321641_395875233098517004_nNot much later on Facebook, Shinoda shared a post with the words “Tell a friend. It’s coming.” along with a short preview of Shinoda sitting in the dark behind a piano, softly singing the words of an unknown song.

I confess. I was squealing and doing a ditty jiggly fist wave in my chair. Yes. I did that.

Every time the band releases a new album it somehow makes me feel like a teenager once again. My heart is drooling of happiness! Not just because Mike Shinoda was my crush back when I was a teenager. Their music has been a part of my life for so long now, in good and bad times. As long as they are alive and breathing, alive and willing to bring new stuff, my heart will keep on drooling for more. I just love Linkin Park.

Will the new music come out tomorrow? I don’t think so. Will it be this year? Obviously yes. But when? The suspense is killing me softly but I can take it, because it’s worth the wait. Something tells me that it will be sooner then I expected when I get to show my new neighbors what it is like to live next door to a Linkin Park fan. I apologize in advance.


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