Time sure flies when you waste it away…

Hiya lurkers,

Felt like changing some stuff on this blog. No big changes, really. A different header and my soundcloud playlist is updated again. Added some new crappy recordings to it.

I’m having trouble focusing again. This is not something new, really. I always have focusing issues. It is like my head is filled with a billion thoughts and I want to do all them billion thoughts with a single click on the mouse or a single step with the foot. Which is obviously not possible. I end up doing several projects at once and taking more time finishing the things I start and forgetting some important tasks along the way.

But. The weather is nice. The sun is shining. The garden looks tempting. I think I will just sit with the butterflies for a while. Screw it all, I’m just going to let time fly by as I waste it away with doing everything and nothing all at the same time.

Don’t forget to check out my Red Bubble Shop! Buy a nifty shirt and help raise money for the Feed The Hungry Fund. Thank you. God speed and good day to you!

Thank you for lurking


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