Screw my diet, hello orange tompouce

Hiya lurkers,

Yesterday was the birthday of the Dutch king. I skipped his birthday party. The weather wasn’t too appealing that day and I was really longing for a nice day doing nothing too intense. I ended up laying around the house with Droppie Bunny on my stomach.

To at least do “something related to the national festivitiy that is the king’s birhtday” I did an attempt to watch the live report on TV. They always make a live report whenever the Dutch royals make their tour through one of the towns “blissful” enough to be allowed to entertain the king and his family for his birthday…. The king and his spoiled children parade around town as the citizens entertain them with music, games and other silly stuff. It is almost as fun as watching a tv talent show… With the king and his family being the judges and everyone else being the losers…

Usually there are a lot of orange colored products sold during these Dutch national festivities. Orange clothes, orange accessories and all sorts of snacks.  Thank goodness the party is over.

The day after a festivitiy like the Dutch King’s birthday is more interesting, in my opinion. For example: Today when I walked into the grocery store, all orange colored products were on discount. Got myself a few boxes of orange tompouce. Those are delicious! There goes 4 in a box and I already ate 2. Screw my diet, being fat is a trend too.



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