Qwerty stickers

143831-146491Hello lurkers,

Back when I was in my late teens and studied for “Administrive Assistant”, I learned to type fast without having the need to watch my fingers nor the keys that my fingers touch, which could be considered “blind typing”.

Blind typing got a whole new level for me a few months ago, when the letters on the keys of my qwerty keyboard all slowely started to dissapear. At first I tried to use a dry marker pen and just draw the letters on some white stickers and stick those on the keys of my qwerty keyboard. This would only work for a short amount of time, resulting in having my fingertips being black from the ink that came from the keys.

Personally I couldn’t care less about the appearance of my keyboard. But whenever I have guests over and show them around the house, they all frown and cringe when they enter the study room and see the keyboard. It looks like a mummy shed his skin on the keys. It looks pretty gross.


Ordering stuff online, we all do it now. It is much easier to scroll around online stores and oggle the latest coolest and cheapest items. Last year for instance, I was in need of a new keyboard.  That’s when I stumbled upon a cheap deal on bol.com, which is like a Dutch version of amazon.com and the likes. I liked it because it was only E 2,50 and because it had big yellow keys. And also because the keyboard was described with as being “handy when typing in the dark”. It was all cool until the letters of the keys became blank after a few months. I guess the company that made these keyboards had a whole different idea about “typing in the dark” then I had in mind… And that’s how I ended up with the monstrosity displayed in the picture above.

I strolled the interwebs for a solution to my keyboard problem. The result was:

A) Use the keys of an old keyboard

B) Get a new keyboard

C) Order qwerty stickers

I considered the 1st option but the keys of my older keyboard are actually smaller and don’t fit. Getting myself a new keyboard was not an option I liked. And thus I ended up looking the interwebs for qwerty stickers. Found some cheap ones on this strange website and ordered myself one. The website promised the stickers would be delivered within 3 days. After 3 whole weeks I finally received a strange gray package in the mail, containing 1 sheet of blue keyboard stickers. Looking at the stamp on the package it turned out that the sticker was shipped from Laos, which is a small country near Thailand and Vietnam. keyboard-sticker-engels

On the website where I got the stickers from, there was no mention of the stickers being shipped from Laos. The picture of the stickers on the website also looked a lot brigther than they are in real life. But I figured it was at least a whole lot better than what it looked like before.


I’m not sure what to think of it. At least the keys don’t look like they are shedding mummy skin anymore. For the time being I guess the qwerty stickers will do. Hopefully they will not need replacement in the next few months. Next time I will definetly just go and look for and old keyboard. In the end that would have been the cheapest and probably the best working solution.

Honestly, I really should stop ordering crappy products on the internet though. But holy Shinoda, I saw this awesome random thing the other day and I already pressed the send button.

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Thank you for lurking

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