Want to know what the new Linkin Park album is called?

Hi lurkers,

Linkin Park, I’ve been a fan of this band of 6 weirdos since the first farts of One Step Closer premiered on MTV. This was in a time when MTV was still known to air music videos, instead of viral diarrhea.

The band is working hard on new material in the studio. They have been sharing their studio activities via several social media sources. Rumor has it that a new single can be expected somewhere mid to end 2016.

From sources that come from the reliable depths of the Linkin Park fandom, I’ve stumbled upon a bit of news revolving Linkin Park’s new album. And that’s when I came across what is supposedly the new name and album cover art of the band’s awaited 7th studio album.

For those curious to know what the new Linkin Park album will be called and what the album cover will look like, here it is:


What do you think of this rumored new album art and name? Isn’t it nifty? I for one am not too sure what to think of it. But I felt I should share what I know, because sharing good news is always a good thing to do. So. There you go.

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