Day 10 & 11

Hello lurkers,

It is midnight in the land of wooden shoes. I’ve survived day to of my Daniel Fast challenge and since it is midnight I have just entered the 11th day of this course

On day 10, the stuff I ate were:

Breakfast: Home Made Hummus with a cup of hot water

Lunch: Oven baked Potato slices with garlic and a bottle of water

1443665542-0Dinner: Spinach Coconut Soup

I really love the Spinach soups at the moment. I’ve actually tried yesterday’s recipe and just added some coconut milk, some ginger and some ketoembar to it. Very tasty.

It was a day filled with fun, interesting but also stressful moments. I felt happy and energized all morning. Listened to some christian tunes while prepping for the day. Went to visit a sick friend of mine after breakfast.

Then after that I was about to make lunch when I had this unneeded discussion with my sibling that basically sucked the positive vibe I was in down the drain. Disccusions with a person who is diagnosed with borderline is very tiresome and can make one want to just give up on life. Seriously…

But there is still so much to be happy about. The beautiful birds that keep gathering in our backyard around lunch time. Droppie Bunny making happy jumps around her new extended housing. Thank you God for those nice things.

After that I met up with my uncle. He and I might play a song together for Easter but he has hardly ever played in front of an audience before. It is cute because he does have a guitar collection and tests those guitars frequently. at home, loud and clear for his neighbors to enjoy it too.

Then later on we had a meeting with the church council. We discussed some future plans and and we are planning to have a meeting like this more frequent from now on. Unfortunatley because of hectic schedules we haven’t had a decent meeting in ages. This is the first since months.

I am tired and I think I will go lay in my coffin now. Good night, God speed.

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Thank you for lurking

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