Daniel Fast, Day 12

Hello lurkers,

It is Thursday and it is the 12th day of my Daniel Fast challenge.

Here’s what I ate and drank thusfar today:

Breakfast: Mandarin with coconut smoothie and a cup of boiled water

Lunch: Oatmeal with coconut milk, raisins  and some walnuts

Dinner: Spinach soup with sweet potato wedges and a bottle of water.

Been playing lots of Christian music again today too. Really nice.

Today I also stumbed upon a tasty recipe while strolling the world wide interwebs; Vegan Mushroom AND Green Peas. I might try it out later tomorrow for dinner.  Just look at this picture, doesn’t it just make your mouth water? Eversince I started the daniel Fast, I [re]discover so many yummy meatless recipes and food and I want to taste it all.  ButI am not supposed to overeat while I’m on this Daniel Fast, so I will just have to wait for tomorrow.


That’ll be all. I better go. Thanks for reading.

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Thank you for lurking


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