Daniel Fast, Day 5

Hello lurkers,

It is Friday and the 5th day of my Daniel Fast experience. This morning I had myself a cup of cold water and prepared myself a salad. The recipe for the salad can be found here. While I was scooping out the avocado, I noticed that there was no power in the kitchen. The digital clock on the microwave wasn’t visible and the light in the fridge was out.

It felt like a dejavu because yesterday we had a power failure too. Also in the kitchen. I thought I had found the machine that caused the malfunction but apparently more of the machines in the kitchen are going belly up. This time, it appeared to be the electric water cooker that caused power failure. I guess I will be boiling my water the old fashioned way for now.

Whatelse did I do? Oh yes. I tried practicing the keyboard again. It still sounds pretty spastic but it is fun so who cares. Oh, and I’ve been goofing around with my new microphone this afternoon and made a new playlist on soundcloud. It basically is just me belging random songs into the microphone while the record button was one. Nothing special. Feel free to have a laugh at my attempt to sing right here:

Well. I better prepare myself for the rest of the day. Later today I have band practice  and I still need to print a few stuff out for the choir too. Lots too do. Not much time. So I better go for now.

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Have a good day, God speed.

Thank you for lurking

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