Daniel Fast, Day 3

Good day my lurking audience, how are you this swell Wednesday? Here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills things are going quite alright. Nothing out of the ordinary to mention here. Except for the fact that I have decided to take upon a 21 day Fast, inspired by the way prophet Daniël did in his days.  I’ve written about this in previous blog entries, here and here. More info about this specific fast method can also be found at daniel-fast.com .

0b2498c10e5954adb2c880a0bb9c211dWith the disappointments in life such as rolling in and out of a job, a dysfunctional family, friends walking out, loved ones dying and trying to serve in a church where people lovely yet misunderstand me and my actions most of the times and totally frustrate me to the point where I start to smoke like chimney again, just to make sure I won’t snap against any of those sweet old Indonesian folks who run the small Indonesian church in Amsterdam….

In short, I just came to the conclusion that I’ve started to become less inspired, less motivated and quite an angry individual. And that’s just not what a child of God should feel like, or be like. And so I am trying to find my refocus on God and my identity in Christ while on these 21 days.

On the 2nd day of fasting I tried making hummus but failed but not wanting to chuck the disgusting food away just yet, I figured to add a few ingredients and put the stuff in the oven. The result was this tasty Sweet Potato & Chickpea Loaf.

The third day of fasting, I started the morning with prayer, water and an apple. Then I turned on my Spotify playlist with loads of Christian tunes just to keep in the flow of worship and prayer during my daily chores. I still have to clean Droppie Bunny’s cage but since I expanded it this weekend I have quite a lot more to clean up after her, which is fine. I’ve written about my weekend in another blog entry, for those who are interested in my incoherent boring life aside of the Daniel Fast experience.

Before I knew it, it was lunchtime. I had steamed up some slices of sweet potato and the stem of broccoli. I learned that last bit from good old Bassie Rabbit, bless his cute little soul. He lived to be 10 years old and he loved eating the stems of broccoli more than eating the top part. The stem of broccoli actually has more flavor and more to chew on. And I had a nice cup of boiled water to drink too.

The first 2 days were hard to go through; Not consuming any of the foods and drinks that I tend to resort to every day was a real trial. But now I start to enjoy it, really.

cat-playing-piano-oI’ve been practicing the old music keyboard again too. I’ve been trying to learn to play O PRAISE THE NAME (Anástasis) by Hillsong. It is quite tricky because I haven’t touched a keyboard in 15 years or so. That’s because I have a natural gift to start things and never finish anything. But while I try to refocus upon God and stuff I somehow felt inspired to retry playing the keyboard again. I still suck at it, but it feels nice to be inspired again. It is something I’ve missed feeling for a long time.

Who knows, maybe I will be able to play my own music in the near future. Music to praise God with. There are tons of lyrics that I have written in dispair, songs of prayer to God. It would be nice to do more with those songs than just leave them as written words in a Word file.

61qxjye36jl-_sy355_That reminds me… I also finally got a new microphone. It is the Trust Mico and it can be connected with a USB thingy. It is a gift from someone who thinks I should record my songs with more proper tools. Of course I am more than grateful.

Unfortunately after upgrading to Windows 10 I came to the discovery that certain important tools in the audio editing software named Audicity doesn’t work. I cannot record in a multi-track. Something that is quite essential when one wants to record vocals on an a backtrack.

I’ve tried updating my audio drivers but this didn’t solve the issue. I am now going to reinstall Audicity in the hopes that this will fix my problem.

I have been working with Audacity for a few years now in Windows 7 and 8. It is a wonderful program. Mostly because it is free but more even because it offers so much quality. I really hope I can use it again after reinstalling.

But thankfully there is another wonderful tool to use when one wants to record and make easy tracks. For that we can also resort to Soundation, a free online studio that offers the ability to mix up funky tunes just like Magix Music Maker and the likes. And, you can record your vocals and midi instruments too. You can use it with or without an account and the program is pretty easy to use. I love Soundation. I used it to create the horrification that is Gatsie vs Linkin Park – Lost in The Echo Crazy Jungle Remix.

Well. I better go now. So much to do still.  If you like reading my incoherent thoughts and what not, feel free to subscribe and keep on lurking. If you would like to help a starving blogger on the other side of the world to make yourself feel better, feel free to tip me or  check out my Red Bubble Shop. It is much appreciated.

Thank you for lurking and may God shine upon you, give you peace, strength and speed.

Thank you for lurking



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