Some random Mike Shinoda Quotes

Hiya lurkers,

Today is the birthday of musical human centipede, Linkin Park’s one and only Mike Shinoda. Just one year closer to 40 but still with a head full of hair.  May your head be full of hair for years and years to come. And while we’re on the subject of hair; please never shave that beard of yours. We need it for… Reasons…


Happy birthday to you, ya wanker!

To “celebrate” this wonderful day and to entertain those who love the frontman of Linkin Park just as much as I do, I’d like to share some random inspirational sayings Mr Shinoda has shared with us throughout his career. And they are even more fabulous, because I pimped them up with some craptastic home made vomit-like backgrounds. Because making vomit-like backgrounds is just the thing I do. Enjoy!






And here’s another nice happy b-day thingy I retouched. Well, I basically just added the nifty red bold letters to it. Because… Boredom… Because… Yeah, just here look at it:


Well… That’s enough for now. I’m sure there are loads of other funny, witty and charming wise sayings by Shinoda but I’m too lazy to add more. But feel free to share whatever Shinoda quotes you know of right below in the comment section! Thank you if you do. And if not, thank you for lurking.

tumblr_o2ch7jf8rz1uqb3lao1_1280Oh wow, the new X Files episode is airing on Channel Fox right now and I totally forgot about it. But yay for recording TV shows and yay for being able to download this entire mini series sometime somewhere on or some other source. Will be nice to binge watch X Files again sometime soon, with the new mini series included to the binge watch list. Would be even nicer if there are going to be more than just these 6 episodes to the mini series. Here’s crossing my fingers in an x….

What the heck am I wasting my precious seconds in here for? I better go check up on Fox Mulder and Scully. According to what I’ve read [while trying to avoid the spoilers as much as possible], this is going to be another deep episode, especially for Scully. So… I gotta go.

Thank you for lurking

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