Get your own Baghwomun T-Shirt!

rawomens_tshirtx3104asphaltfront-c650630900975-bgf8f8f8Hello lurkers,

Baghwomun and created by yours truly in response to Spoderman and the likes. She is the Paragon of all misfit super women out there! Baghwomun is superb in her own baghtastic way, saving the world from standardism, one clumsy step at time!

Always wanted yourself your own awesome Baghwomun T-Shirt? Now you can! I have some awesome Baghwomun Gear for sale in my Red Bubble Shop.

There’s a wide variety of products with the awesome Baghwomun available in the shop. From t-shirts, mugs, posters and even skirts. Go check out the shop right now!

Purchasing something from my Red Bubble can make a big difference, 30% of each penny you spent will help feed a poor blogger on the other side of the world.



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