World drama

Hello lurking lurkers,

The world is still going crazy. That’s not a new statement, I am aware of it. Turn on the news or open a newspaper to feast the eyes with the drama of the world we live in.


Suicide bombers killed several people in Jakarta Indonesia. I have family living there and am quite worried about their safety. I haven’t heard from them for a while and hope they are safe.

The drama in the middle east doesn’t seem to end. Bombs explode there as frequently as my dad farts.

There flood of refugees from Syria and other middle eastern countries seems to go on and on. I feel bad for the kids who have to travel for hope and safety elsewhere. All the while there also have been reports of refugees raping young girls and women in Germany and other parts of Europe…. Disturbing is what it is.

imageIn the mean time I am still broke and jobless. Droppie Bunny bit me because her favorite snacks ran out and all I can offer now is the usual rabbit food and apparently that pissed her off. Spoiled critter…

The drama, it just keeps on going. This world… I don’t want to live on it anymore.  Please God make it stop. We could really use a miracle.

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