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Hiya lurkers,

Every end of the year I reflect on things I’ve neglected to do because I’m the queen or procrastination. I went through the hundreds of songs I wrote going back to 2007. And maybe it was because the end of the year was approaching, maybe it was the wine, maybe it really was just God giving me that extra vibe… But I felt like doing something with at least a few of those songs.

I tried making my own backtrack and beats before. If you’re curious you can check out the Audio Abuse tab here on this blog. For some reason my own backtracks and beats tend to sound a bit… Well… Yeah… Some aren’t as horrid as the ones you encounter at the Audio Abuse tab, but I’ll admit that recently I’ve managed to create one decent backtrack with my midi-keyboard. Yup… Let’s not waste any more space on that thought…

So… While others were out celebrating Old Years, I spend most of the end of 2015 lurking Soundcloud for some random tracks. That’s how I stumbled upon this guy named Alveek. He has a wordpress blog too, which is written in his language [no english].  Alveek said I could do whatever I like with his material. Such a kind and generous guy. You should really check out his soundcloud account if you have the time.

I ended up recording my own lyrics to his backtrack only yesterday. My voice is kind of crummy at the moment because I have a cold and the flu fever is still having a party with my immune system. Might record it again later on when my voice is better. But yeah… Figured to just make a test recording first, ya know..?

Please give it a spin and follow me on soundcloud. I’ve got more songs in the making that I would really like some feedback on in the future.

Here is the playlist with one new song on it by yours truly, titled Vaderliefde [Father’s Love].

Thank you for lurking



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