First post of the year

Well hello there lurking lurkers!

Hope you had a fun Old-to-New Years celebration. Hope you still have all your fingers, toes and other body parts after lighting up fireworks. Here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills, the first day of the new year [January 1st] is celebrated by some by taking a dive into the sea. It appears to be a great way to get rid of that Old-Years-Eve hangover.


Well, I decided to sleep a little longer on the first day of the new year. Leave the fun of diving into the cold water to the other crazy Dutchies.

Besides, my small Indonesian church in Amsterdam had another special sermon planned to celebrate New Years Day. There was also a birthday party planned for a church member. So it was going to be one long day filled with music and food and dancing. Complete with poco-poco and loads of Indonesian food.

tumblr_muda0jdwiw1rvcjd7o1_500And since it was the first day of the New Year, I somehow felt the need to sing one of my own songs infront of the whole church… It was a scary thing to do, I haven’t performed any of my own material in the last 17 years. But it felt like the right thing to do. My sibling and my cousin were sitting in the crowd. I used to perform with them, 17 years ago. Now I was standing there all by myself… Somehow the  church band ended up playing along with the song as well. It was really nice of them. It was a nice New Years celebration all together.

giphyAnd now it’s the day after New Years Day…. The day after New Years always feels kind of off, doesn’t it? Heck, even the day after that feels kind of off. It feels as if the whole transition to a new year is an ongoing loop of comedy central reruns. It lasted a lot shorter, yet have the feeling there is a big hole in the calendar. You remember bits of what was supposedly a fun day yet now you just feel tired and have a hard time digging up what the fun was all about in the first place? The fireworks? The food? The sucky TV programming? The supsense of waiting for the new years lottery, as if you’d ever make a chance of winning anything in life in the first place? Well?

Yep… Well… I had a nice peaceful Old Years Day. Sitting long out on the couch with a bottle of cheap wine because the grocery store was all out of champagne at the time. Watched TV with my mom and my fuzzy bunny. It was to have a day where we were just able to sit and do nada. Yeah, I love that.

best-versions-of-ourselves-resolution-funny-ecard-vzpAnd like all the idiots on this planet, I  have made some lame skittlepoo resolutions for the new year.
You know, the usual list of things that we wished we were able to do or not do… But most of the times end up leaving things the way they were before the craziness of Old-To-New-Years nibbles on our toes.

Like: Quitting smoking. Yep. I was so convinced of my ability to stay away from them darned nicotine-sticks. Normally I tend to be more realistic about my dependence towards the cigarette. Not sure what has gotten into me this time… I announced my dad that I was going to quit smoking. My dad has smoked for at least 50 years of his life already, if not more. The moment I told my dad about my new years resolution, he straight up laughed in my face. “A child of mine that tries to quit smoking? Yeah right.” were his exact words. Thanks dad, you’ve always been a great support.

What I forgot to consider was the fact that I am surrounded by people who all make me nuts from time-to-time. If I don’t smoke, I will respond much faster to the nutsos in my direct enviroment; i.e; I tend to be a cranky beshizzle and call you out for your bullskittlepoo.

I’m not going to give up just yet, on quitting smoking. Lack of nicotine might also result in eating more. As if I wasn’t bloating up enough during the holidays… After stuffing my face with all these holiday foods for the passed few days I just feel like having a detox week and just eat soups instead.

200I mean, just look at this plant enjoying itself some yummie tomato soup. It sure makes me want to go and open a can o’ creamy soup myself. Yum yum!


Well my lurking lurkers, this is all the rambling I could squeeze out of me. May the year 2016 be fulfilling, just as the tomato soup is filling Charlie the plant. May the good Lord bless you and keep you. Have a good one.

Thank you for lurking


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