A prayer on night before Christmas…


Dearest Heavenly Father,

I’d like to thank You Lord for the true meaning of Christmas. I thank You oh Lord, for Your everlasting grace and mercy upon us. Waking up each morning with new chances is a blessing on its own. Being able to spend these holidays with people we care about is even more a blessing. The biggest blessing of all, is knowing You. Knowing, that You are there. Always.

Life on this planet can be hard. Sometimes, life can be unfair. The world can be a cold and dark place sometimes. Teach me Lord to live not by my own understanding, but by understanding that You are the answer even when the question is unclear. I know I should not fear. I know I should not worry. For Jesus You are my light, my hope, my life and all I need in this world.

Help me to forgive those who have done me wrong. Help me not to keep a grudge over things that have come to pass and cannot be helped. Help me to not live in the past, but live in the day You give anew. And help those people who have something against me, for whatever reason. Touch their hearts like You touch my heart and help them, so that they may live a life without grudges, anger or bitterness. Fill them with Your love and mercy instead.

Lord, I pray for those who are less fortunate. For those, who are alone and without loved ones during these days. Help those who haven’t got the finances to provide for themselves, let alone afford a fancy meal or presents. But I believe they are not alone when they turn to You, Lord. I believe You will provide in time of need. I pray that they will find You this Christmas.

May our focus this Christmas, not just be about food, fancy gifts and earthly things that don’t really matter. Let our focus be set upon the greatest gift this world has ever received. For 2000 years ago You sent Your Son, the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ to this world. Your Son lived among us, walked among us and suffered for us. He, Who was and is and is to come; Who lived and died and rose again so that all may receive life in the beauty of You.

I love You Lord. I thank You for the opportunities You’ve given me in 2015. And I thank You for the opportunities that still await me in 2016. Faithfully, I will follow You wherever You may lead me. Thank You for being the reason for every season.


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