Recipe: Glüwein

weihnachtsmaerkte-nrwGreetings to you my lurker, how are you this fabulous day? I am just chilling here, looking for interesting Christmas related stuff. And that’s how I stumbled upon some easy and tasty recipes, for that extra holiday feeling.
During the Christmas holiday season, lots of people who live in the land of wooden shoes and tulips like to visit German cities for their German Christmas Markets. I myself have had the pleasure of visiting Dusseldorf a few weeks ago with a few people of my church. We had a stroll about this beautiful place, wandered through the many little Christmas stalls that were scattered all over Dusseldorf. Tried some traditional German bratwurst and a few nice warm mugs with gluwein.


Gluwein is a nice and tasty drink for the holidays. If you love wine and sangrias, this is the German wintery version of that. Each year when I take a trip to a random German town for a Christmas Market venture, I try to get my hands on a brand new mug filled with this delicious festive drink with a bite.

And so I wanted to try and see if I can make this tasty drink myself. Check it out;


The recipe is pretty easy and I must say I actually like this home-made version recipe more than any gluhwein I’ve purchased during the strolls about the German Christmas Markets.

Are you going to try this recipe too or do you have your own recipe for this interesting and tasty festive drink? What is your favorite holiday drink? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section! And, subscribe for more off the beaten path blog posts by yours truly.

Thank you for lurking

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