Yup, that time again

Hello lurkers,

How are you this fine Tuesday? Here in the land of wooden shoes and weather that seems to have a mind of its own, things are going just swell. I have the pleasure of having a cough that feels like a sharp razorblade scratching my throat on the inside. All this, accompanied with a nice fever, a wonderful headache and a nose that tries to outrun me. In other words; I am just fabulous.

This weekend was interesting. It was my dad’s birthday and together with my sibling and dad’s new wife we went to visit grandma. It was nice to see her again. My sibling had baked an apple pie which enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee.

After visiting grandma, dad and his wife went their own way and so did my sibling and I. My sibling and I went to church, because we had to prep for Christmas. Time is flying by so fast. Just a few weeks and this 2015 is another year to cross out.

Well I feel like a bag of doodoo right now. I am sorry for this incoherently bla bla blog entry right here. Maybe it’s the fever taking the best of me. I really need to lay down. I better stop. Have a swell day.

Thank you for lurking

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