My life sucks more than yours

Hello lurkers,

How have you been lately? I’m alright. As some of you might have read in my “Hanging with the dad” blog entries, due to my dad’s eye surgery I have been traveling back and forth to my dad’s place for the passed few weeks.

Except for this week. This week I was too flat broke to travel and I’m also having a bit of a headache, painful throat and a fever. That’s why I’ve spent this week flat broke at home in bed, with Droppie bunny keeping me company. To top it off, I’ve had my sibling call me almost daily. My sibling likes to talk about all the drama in their life. And since my throat hurts when I talk, I am now of course the best listener.

I love our conversations. Especially the ones where my sibling tries to compete with how much more fudged up their childhood was compared to mine. While we grew up with the same parents, with the same drama. But for some reason my relatives consider a creature with no ability to feel pain or emotions, so whatever they experience will always be more horrid than what I’ve gone through… Even when it’s the exact same thing.


Makes so much sense.

I love to be a robot.

It used to be my job as a customer service employee; to offer a listening ear and maybe give some useful advice. Friends and relatives always tend to turn to me. Either via a phonecall or chat via the various contact apps available these days. Aparently I am a great “garbage can for frustrated emotions”, someone you can just “dump your horrible life stories on”. I guess I could consider it a compliment that people trust me this much.

Maybe I should start an official “Nag-It-To-Me” Hotline. That way I can offer my listening ear not just to friends and relatives, but to any forever-alone loser out there in need of someone to nag on! Yes, this actually feels like a great idea.

In fact, if you my lurking friend are in need of a listening ear, or in need to dump your thoughts to someone who can judge your situation from a more objectively point of view; Feel free to send me a message. You can do this by choosing the “Ask Me”, which is next to the “About Me” tab in the menu. Unless you specifically ask it there, I won’t post your message in a public blog entry.

Well. That’ll be all.

Thank you for lurking

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