Entity – a nice game before bed

Hello my lurking lurkers!

Since it’s almost Halloween, why not play a fun free spooky game to get you into that spooky vibe?

Well seek no more! For here’s a fun game to play for those sleepless nights.  It’s called Entity and I stumbled upon it while lurking on Tumblr.

According to the creator:

“Entity is a game about a girl who wakes up with sleep paralysis, a stage between awake and dreaming. She’s struggling with moving her body while she’s surrounded by shadow creatures, she needs your help to wake up!”

The game is filled with all sorts of creepy crawlers and shadow creatures. Your goal in the game is to prevent all these creepy crawlers from getting to sleepy girl and like stated above, help her wake up. Sounds like a piece of pie? Well I sure had to try it a few times before getting further ahead in this game.

Some of them are quite creepy, even in their  They could inspire a nice spooky outfit to wear for Halloween.

Give it a go why don’t you! Click on the picture and enjoy!

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