Penelope (full movie 2006)

Hello lurkers,

I have a confession to make; I’m a sucker for James McAvoy. Maybe I’ve mentioned it in a previous blog entry. I do not care. He is a talented actor with the gift to convince you that he is Narnia’s Tumnus and X-Men’s Professor X and that obnoxious Bruce Robertson from Filth. And yet he remains charming. Such a diverse actor.

Here is yet another movie he starred in almost 10 years ago with Christina Ricci. I’m quite curious about it myself, because I am going to watch it as soon as I press the “publish” button. So it might just be that you and me, my lurking friend, will be watching the movie “together”.

Yes… I’m pathetic.


Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to let me know what you thought of the film when you’ve watched it.

Thank you for lurking.

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