Hooray… Survived my dreadful birthday…

Hello my lurking lurkers!

How has this Wednesday treated you thus far? Mine was interesting. Yes, I guess you could call it interesting. Or pathetic. Or lame. Whichever adjective you prefer to describe a day I will try to describe as I write along, is fine.

Today was my birthday. I did not really celebrate it. I wasn’t planning on doing anything special this year. I kind of gave up throwing parties, because for some reason my birthday is a magnet for dramatic lousy crap. And it is not an attitude problem. I have tried many times to just focus on being happy that The Man Upstairs allowed me to stick around on this planet for another round. And I am grateful for that.


There’s always something lame bound to happen on my birthday. No matter what I try.

For example; Once upon a time, I was throwing a Sweet 21 party. with a “Hippie” theme. With help from my best friend, I decorated the house with flower-power decorations, there was a water pipe, there was plenty of food and booze. All the people I invited actually showed up. The vibe was right. And then my now ex boyfriend showed up, got totally drunk to make out with one of my friends and then vomit all over the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun party… Until that last part.

I have more examples of how my birthdays tend to be a total disastrous day… but I rather not write ‘m all down. Let’s just say that I rather not have a big birthday party anymore. If the day goes by without any soap-opera kind of nonsense happening, I’m happy.
But then I heard that these sweet people from church are planning to throw a party for me. Well, not just for me. There are more people who happen to share the same date of birth with me. So it’ll be one big party on Sunday. How terrifying!

You know what makes this even more silly? The fact that a  part of me is actually looking forward to it, somewhat. The naive little idiot inside still thinks that there is a possibility that this upcoming birthday event won’t end up to be an episode of another FML,,, The little idiot inside even had the nerve to order a fracking dress to wear for the event! It is pathetic I tell you, that’s what it is. But those church people are sweethearts though. They begged me to have the party with them and I just couldn’t refuse.

It isn’t Sunday yet. There are still a few days to go before the party. It was only Wednesday when I started rambling in this current blog entry. It is actually Thursday already by now. But who cares?  Maybe I should just take it one day at a time? Well… Alright.


Today was a typical autumn day. It was cloudy, it wasn’t too cold but it wasn’t that warm either and the threat of rain lingered all day. During the first part of this day I hung out with my dad and sibling. Last time I met up with him was about a month ago. I don’t see my dad often, because he lives further away. It’s always interesting, to meet up with him. My dad has this “grumpy-old-man” charm upon him. He can be witty and fun, but he can also be blunt and say or do things that might come across as offensive by some.

It is quite a treat to spend a day with a guy like my dad. It is always a surprise how he will behave and what he will say to random people around. It’s even more a treat when you introduce him to the few friends you trust enough to introduce the man to. Because not everyone can appreciate nor tolerate a man who might fart on you, without saying sorry for it.

But it was fun to hang out with my dad today. Thankfully my sibling was there too. We talked about all sorts of things, we had coffee and cake and we even played a random old board game.  He also gave ma gift-card, which is always nice. Then it was time for him to go back home. While the rain slowly poured the streets, my sibling and I escorted the old fart to the train station and said our goodbyes.

After an interesting day with my dad, I hung out with my mom for the rest of the evening. Hanging out with her is even more a treat. She was tired and grumpy and unlike my dad, wasn’t talkative at all.. She also needed help taking out the trash. Because she had a lot of garbage bags filled with stuff from the backyard. There were about 8 large garbage bags filled with junk and a few boxes.

While my sibling and I were dragging one bag after the other out of the house, my mother accidentally closed the door behind her. The smartest part of that act, was leaving the key in the door, on the inside. Which meant she had locked ups out of the house. My phone was in the house. Her phone was in the house. My sibling was outside too, with their phone being in the house too but did have the keys. But it was no use, since my mom’s keys were in the door on the inside. It was just wonderful; To be standing in my mothers front yard, trying to break into the house with an old plastic bankcard.

I noticed that she had the bedroom window was open and had a feeling the only option we had, was for one of us to climb up the roof and into that window. Since my sibling is afraid of heights and my mother isn’t as young as people think she actually is, I would be the only who had to take that climb.

Just something I’ve always wanted to do on my birthday; To celebrate life and climb up a slippery roof. Oh yay!

Eventually my mom asked help from a neighbor to aid us.  Which was quite a trick on its own. My mom lives in a neighborhood with mostly elderly people. And it was already dark outside. Most of those old folks won’t open their doors for you at night. Especially not when you happen to have a dark skin color, living in a mostly white neighborhood…

But finally, after ringing door after door after door, my mom finally found someone willing to help. This 60+ year old bald guy from down the street rushed over to my mom’s door. He first tried all the things my sibling had tried before. But then he came to the conclusion that the only option was; to climb the roof.

Next thing we knew, the old man vanished and returned not much later with a ladder. I thanked the old man and as soon as the ladder was positioned close to the window, I took hold of the ladder. But before I could lift my foot off the ground to climb the ladder, the old man gently pushed me aside. He insisted that he would not risk it to have me fall off his ladder. And with that, he rushed all the way up the ladder and climbed into my mother’s bedroom window. Seconds later he opened the front door and we could finally enter the house once again.  That old man really saved the day for us, what a hero!

To show our gratitude. I gave the man some pie which he took home to eat with his wife.

The rest of the evening went by fast. We watched some TV for a while and then all decided to call it a night and each go our own way.

That was my dreadful birthday thus far. It wasn’t that aweful, really. It could’ve been worse. But unfortunately, I am not off the hook just yet. There’s still an actual party planned this upcoming Sunday. Oh how I dread it. Yet the idiot inside thinks it will be alright. Maybe, just maybe…. The idiot inside is right?

Thank you for lurking

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