Flying rabbit at the vet

Hello lurking lurkers, how is life treating you today?

11401250_10206113849259627_2505025087746335475_nLife here in the land of wooden shoes is pretty okay. We’ve had some semi-tropical days with temperatures going up to 35 Celsius and even hotter. People were sweating like pigs. Luckily we also have rainy interruptions for a nice cool down. Today is one of those rainy interruptions. Quite refreshing.

Droppie Rabbit wasn’t eating well for a few days. I first thought it was maybe due to the hot weather. She would only nibble a bit from her favorite snacks and that was it. While normally she could eat and eat and eat, and eat. Because she loves to eat. I felt so bad for her. But in the weekend our vet is closed so I had to feed her myself with a bottle and some Critical Care mixed with oatmeal.

Then yesterday I rushed to the vet with her. It turned out that she had dental problems. It is not an uncommon thing. Her sister Noodles has had dental problems since a few years now and when rabbits get older they tend to have it more often. And so I had to leave Droppie Rabbit at the veterinarian for dental care. I was somewhat relieved to know that it was something that could be fixed that same day.
Poor Droppie Rabbit wasn’t too thrilled about her trip to the vet. I don’t have a car, so I have to take her on the bus with me. Unlike her mother Snoopie who loved to sit in cars and busses, Droppie was getting quite stressed from it all. By the time we reached the vet and the vet wanted to take her out of her Travel Carrier, Droppie almost flew off the vet table. Luckily the vet catched her just in time. The vet checked her teeth and then put her back in her Carrier.

He said he remembered a similar situation last year, with a rabbit going air born in his animal clinic and how he and 3 others had to hold the little critter down. I couldn’t help but giggle and apologized: “I’m sorry, that must’ve been Mashimaro. That’s Droppie’s deceased sister. I guess the flying rabbit trait runs in the family.”

The vet just smiled. He said he would instruct the other vets and the assistants to be extra careful when my rabbits come in. Because they can be jump. It’s nice to know that Mashimaro will be remembered as the air born rabbit that terrorized the vet! I do miss her though 😦


A few hours later I could pick her up again. The vet told me that Droppie had kept her cool throughout the entire dental treatment and they didn’t even have to sedate her. I was so proud of Droppie being so brave and calm there. And I was so glad to take her home with me.

Later on that night I fed her some more Critical Care and watched reruns of CSI together, her favorite TV show. She was doing much better already. And this morning I found her eating all by herself again. Droppie Bunny is a tough one. And I’m happy she is 🙂

Well. That’ll be all. I have nothing else right now. Good day to you.

Thank you for lurking

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