Another day at church

Hello lurking lurkers, how are you this fine.. Sunday going to Monday? It’s a little passed midnight here in the land of wooden shoes and I’ve survived yet another Sunday service at the small Indonesian church. The weather was typically Dutch; threatening rain clouds covering the greyish blue sky, a few outbursts of rain and lots of wind. Yes, typically Dutch.

Last Sunday I was allowed to be worship leader again. It went pretty well that Sunday, because we had the opportunity to practice. But that’s not always the case, unfortunately. People have lives aside their church tasks. People have school, jobs and families to attend, aside from doing their thing in church.  To get the band together to practice every single week is quite a trick on it’s own. And this is an Indonesian church, with people who live on Indonesian time even though some of them live in the land of wooden shoes for many many many years. I’m seriously considering to rename the church Jam Karet, which means “not on time” in bahasa Indonesia. Because we are rarely on time, with anything.

Unfortunately we couldn’t practice for the service we had this Sunday afternoon. We just quickly went through the songs before the actual service. To make the day extra exciting; the lady who was scheduled to be worship leader during the service was very very late. She had a good excuse; she had to pick up the guest speaker of the day. And to add some extra excitement; the lady said she had too much on her mind to be worship leader. She asked me to fill in for her instead. And I could’ve said no, but I’m just not that kind of person.

And so we sang the songs that were scheduled, trying our best to make it sound as if we’ve played these songs a thousand times before. Some of the songs we actually have played before.. It went pretty ok, considering we hadn’t practised that well. Some songs went better than others, but it was ok I guess. But hey, like I said; We survived yet another Sunday service. And after the service, the guest speaker took me apart and surprisingly told me how impressed he was and he insisted that I would come to Indonesia and come and sing in his church too. If God wants me to go to Indonesia and be a worship leader there, that would be totally awesome. But the joke is; I hardly speak the language. I sing Indonesian praise songs but I can’t even have a decent conversation in bahasa Indonesia. I just smiled and thanked the man for his kind words.

If God wants this, He will make a way. I’m sure of it. He’s full of surprises like that. I never imagined I’d sing in front of a church again, yet I am a worship leader in the small Indonesian church now for a little over a year. So who knows, maybe it is the next step to go to Indonesia and serve the churches there as well. Who knows. God knows.

Next week someone else is scheduled to be worship leader. There’s a party planned for that day too. It’s going to be interesting. But what now I just want to have some interesting sleep.

Have a blessed day my lurking lurkers.

3 thoughts on “Another day at church

  1. You know who I am, look at my icon, and it fills my heard with gold this morning to see, you are a believer, cause so am I. why didn´t I watched your blog earlier? Don´t know, but I find (myself) tody…

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