Just my luck…

Hello lurking lurkers.

Life’s been quite weird the passed few days here in the land of wooden shoes. It all started last week, when I had to attend another “looking-for-work” course. This time, the course was led by a few guys from a job agency.

The course was to inform the attending jobless how a call center looks like on the inside and what kind of work you do there. As if nobody today knows what a call center is? Everyone who owns a phone has had someone from a call center on the phone at least once or twice. You know; the annoying and often jumpy-overenthusiastic-telemarketers that try to sell you the most ridiculous products with beautiful stories.

I was not allowed to refuse the course, because I’m unfortunately on wellfare and these courses are part of it. And many of the other attending jobless at the course felt the same resentment I had towards the call center world. I’ve worked in that field before and I’m just not the kind of person to force bogus products for ridiculous prices down people’s throats.

The entire course took about 3 hours. During the course we were presented a few tests, to see how well we’d function as a telemarketeer in general. I tried my best not to do my best during these tests.

A few days later, to my surprise, the job agency called me and invited me over for an interview. The guy who gave the course said he thought I was fit for the job and had arranged a job interview at a local call center. A call center I had worked for before a few years ago. And I left that call center because the managers there behaved like morons: Yelling at people for no given reason and trying to get touchy-feely with the young female staff. Aside from that, they back then promised a lot of work with interesting bonusses, which just turned out to be not the case at all.

But, the guy from the job agency assured me things had changed a whole lot since then. Things had improved a whole lot, since then. He too worked at the same call center before and was aware of the things that went on there. But he assured me that the entire atmosphere at this specific call center was a whole lot better now.

And so I decided to give it a go. To just go to the job interview and see for myself. It’s not like I had anything to lose, I figured.

Monday I attended the job interview, allong with a bunch of other people. We got asked a few questions about our previous jobs. They showed us a presentation about the call center. And then we all got tested in the form of a roll-playing game, to see how we’d behave during a phone call. I tried my best to behave as unfit as possible. After this, we got a short break and would hear who was accepted to attend the next round and who wasn’t.

Seriously. I hoped they would find me unfit for the job. A lot of people were thanked for their time and about half of the group was allowed to attend the next round. And guess what? With my luck: I got asked to attend the second round of the job interview too. I was asked to sign some paperwork too and to show up for a course the very next day.

And so today, I attended this supposed course. But there wasn’t much of a course, though. They basically just told us to take place behind a desk and to make phone calls to several unexpected victims for 5 hours. We thankfully were allowed to have a break. And during the break, we heard from several other possible future co-workers that you don’t get paid during the course until 3 months after… IF you manage to stick around for 3 months at all. Otherwise you won’t get paid at all.

They are expecting me to show up for another course this week. I really don’t think I want to go. Why work for nothing? So far I don’t see anything of the supposed positive changes the job agency guy told me about. I shouldn’t be surprised that this guy lied.

Hopefully my luck will change and I will find another job soon. *sign*

Later lurkers!

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