♥ RIP Mashimaro ♥

RIPMashimaro1752015[2]She had been acting weird all morning and I felt worried. I decided to stay home and nurse her back to health like always. Mashimaro has always been the kind of rabbit that needed extra care. When she was a baby, her young mother didn’t feed her and her sister. A lot of vets told us to just let the little one die, because according to most vets “rabbits aren’t real pets like a cat or a dog”.

But we weren’t going to give up just like that. And after a little research on the internet we found all the tips and tricks we needed to take care of a little rabbit baby. And we’ve had many wonderful years together.

I’ve blogged about Mashimaro before. She is my little Queen. She is my everything. So today when she started to acted out of the ordinary, I just had to be there for her. She wasn’t eating and so I gave her some special rabbit porridge and had to force-feed her. But I was sure it would help like it had always done. In the meantime I also tried to contact a vet. But in weekends it’s hard to find a vet who doesn’t consider a rabbit “just another rodent”. The only vet who was available for today, was the exact same vet who had told me 7 years ago that we’d be better off to let the baby rabbits die, because rabbits aren’t real pets in their opinion. So to turn to them for help in this time of need was just… Well, what could I possibly expect from them?

Somewhere deep down inside I could feel that this was going to be goodbye this time. She refused to eat, spat out the food I force-fed her. She did drink a little from my mug, it was so adorable.

What else was there to do? I felt so helpless as I just held her while she kissed my arm. And then in one last breath, she gave one final kiss on my hand and her body went limp. I guess, she decided to die in my arms today 😦

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