Hmmm, coffee

Hello, lurking lurkers!

“Working” for church sure can be underestimated at times. I underestimated it myself. I always wondered why those people who have a task in church tend to look like they’ve got so much to do, yet kept on smiling. Of course they smile because they are, presumably, doing their task for God and for the church. And this can give a person a lot of positive energy.

And I do feel very lucky and blessed to be able to do something for the church. But there are times when I just feel like taking a break. Today was one of those days. I still had a pile of chores to do for the band today: Putting together a setlist, collecting lyrics and chords and preparing a PowerPoint Presentation for the church’s service. We’ll have two services this weekend. On Saturday one of our ex members is throwing a birthday party, combined with a special service. And then there’s of course the Sunday service.

This Indonesian church I’m part of sure likes to party a lot. Every week we have another party. Complete with Indonesian food and music.

But I needed a break. And so I hung out with an old friend. Under the pleasure of a few mugs of coffee [a cup is too small for a real coffee drinker], we talked about the good, the bad and the flabbergasting things that had preoccupied our lives so much since the last time we had seen each other.

We used to have coffee together a lot more often. But as time goes by and gravity starts to pull on certain body parts with more effort, we somehow have become the kind of friends who sometimes don’t see each other for months and months. Yet when we get together for coffee, it’s like we’ve spoken one another only yesterday.

She has been dating the same guy for over a year now and they go to church together. He happened to be there too. I’ve met him before. Like her previous guy, this guy is also Surinamese. But with a complete different attitude. More “serious”, a more “no-nonsense” kind of guy who consider’s himself a “real man”, but can still have a laugh. He didn’t talk much in the beginning when I met him. First I wasn’t sure what to think of the guy. But it’s her life and if she is happy with him, who am I to judge?

My friend’s kid still has a bit trouble getting accustomed to the fact that she now has to share her mom with another person. Which I think is totally understandable. If my mom would introduce me to her new supposed significant other, I’d probably need time to get used to the situation too. Not that I don’t care for mom’s happiness. But because, well, I’ve grown used to her not having a guy around the house for so many years.

It was fun to have coffee with my old friend again. It was fun to see her kid again. Her new guy prepared a meal for us too and I was expected to stay for dinner. So during the pleasure of having a nice Surinamese hot meal, we talked about all sorts of things. Just a nice good old get together.

Afterwards we had a stroll through her part of town. She lives near a harbor and her part of town is surrounded by nature. Very lovely to walk through after dinner. Or at any given time, really. We joked about how we used to go clubbing and how our feet and legs would feel sore, just the way they felt after strolling about for an hour or so like we had done that day.

Yeah. It was a nice day. Nice to have a break. And fun that I could spend it with my old friend.

Tomorrow I have band practice again. Like I’ve said: We have to prepare for two services. When I got home earlier today, after visiting my friend, I obviously still had some chores to do for church. But most of it I basically rushed through within an hour or so.

Playing with the church band at both services will be interesting, ’cause yet another band member is going back to Indonesia tomorrow as well. Leaving us with even less musicians than we started with this year.

But I’m sure it’ll work out and despite of a few bumps on the road, I am looking forward to both services.

And now I’m tired. I better go sleep.

Later lurking lurkers

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