3 more brilliant tips to get back to work

Good day, my lurking lurkers!

Remember my previous post, filled with “brilliant and refreshing tips to get back to work?” Well do I have a treat for you, today!

Inspired by yet another fabulous day at the forced “Back To Work” course I’m enrolled into, I have now 3 more wonderful tips for those who are out there looking for a job. These are tips I’ve actually heard during the course. A course, put together by people from, lead by different trainers who all have their own “unique” approach and ideas on how the unemployed of today should behave and act during their job hunt.

Lo and behold….

3 more brilliant tips to get back to work

Tip 1


Tip 2


Tip 3


Well… If this won’t help you in your quest to find a new job, clearly my advisers at the “Back To Work” aren’t fit for their job. Maybe I should apply for their job? What do you think? At least I took the time to put some pictures with the tips!

Do you have any brilliant tips for the unemployed when it comes to looking for a job, what to say during a job interview and stuff like that? Feel free to share them here and leave a comment.

Have a lovely day now, my lurking lurkers.

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