Skyrim romance and heart attack

Good day to you, my lurking friend. How is this Sunday treating you thus far? It is quite early in the morning here in the land of wooden shoes and tulips. So early that I have not slept yet.

You see, yesterday I had quite the scare. I was playing Skyrim on my Xbox. Because I’m such a closet romantic, I arranged for my Khajit to get married to an Argonion named Many-Marshes. Because of some ridiculous unknown reason the makers of the game made marrying another Khajit is impossible in Skyrim and I sure as heck wasnt going to marry my poor kitty to an obnoxious Nord! So I went for the total freakshow instead, hitching up a fluffy cat with a scaly lizard… For those who know the game; getting married in Skyrim is quite easy. But honestly, compared to the romantic options in Fable or Dragon Age, Skyrim offers a plain and dull marriage. Once I had discovered what a waste of quest time I had put in marrying a cat with a lizard,  I decided to take a break and was in the need of some coffee and a smoke.

So I went to the kitchen, turned on my Senseo Machine and poured some coffee in a mug. I love to make my coffee with some yummy sweetened thick milk from Friesche Vlag. And then, I grabbed a smoke and installed myself on the balcony.  It was nice and sunny out. The sun was very bright. Very relaxing. And I just inhaled my cigarette, to toss it off the balcony and went back in.

Then suddenly it felt as if a  thousand needles were being stabbed into my heart. Ongoing shots of pain in my heart. It was quite painful. I started to feel light headed and had trouble breathing. It felt as if my heart was going to explode out of my chest. And I thought to myself;  What an original way to go through Valentines Day, to have a heart attack!

Somehow I managed to crawl in bed. My heart raging like the energizer bunny on steroids was pounding on it. As I layed there, I kept praying God to forgive me for being a lazy bum and for my cynicism. It  felt like it took forever. But eventually the pain became less. But I canceled band practice anyway and decided to stay in bed and rest.

I am still not sure whether it was a heart attack or not. But I have been having similar pain-shots in the heart before. Last time I had an episode like this, I went to the hospital. By the time I got there I was feeling normal again and so the doctor said it was probably nothing… I don’t trust doctors anyway…

Maybe it is time change my screwed up sleeping pattern and to quit caffeine and nicotine while I am at it. Maybe God is warning me this way, to stop with my ridiculous habits and live a healthier life.

*sigh* I can be such a thrill to be with when I haven’t had my coffee nor my smoke… I tend to be anything but tender and lovable when I don’t smoke at all… And have I mentioned how much I love coffee? I don’t know if I can go without it 😦

In a few hours I have a church to attend. I should sleep but Im scared for some silly reason…

May God give me strength…

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