Value Thyself Day

KnowYourWorthHello my lurking friend, how are you today? I am doing well. Hopefully you are doing well, as well 😉

It is Valentines Day, one of my least favorite holidays of the year. How about you, my lurking friend? Are you looking forward to Valentines Day? And if yes, is it because you are in love with someone right now? Or are you single and sad about the fact that you have to spend Valentines Day alone? Have you been hopelessly looking for love in all the wrong places, when the only place that we can really find love is deep within ourselves.

Well, to be honest with you: I never saw the point behind this supposed lovers day. What’s there to love about a day that is devoted to purchase fattening edibles and cliche heart shaped products to a supposed significant other. As if giving objects as such to someone is the ultimate way to express one’s love towards another?

The real question is then; What is love? What is the meaning of love? What is it worth? Surely it is more than buying meaningless treats and gifts for someone. Gifting cheap  And what is love, when the fact is that you’ve been flying solo for several years?

Last night I was browsing through my favorite online clothing stores with a well deserved glass of red wine. I wanted to treat myself to something nice. Yep, momma’s needs a new bra for the twins and I surely could use a new coat for upcoming spring. I’ve been fancying these lovely long trench coats for a while now. They look so classy.  And I deserve to treat myself on some comfy and classy things.

That’s when it hit me: Love can only mean something when you know how to love yourself. When you know how to treat yourself. We can be so cruel and mean towards ourselves at times. I know I can, anyway. Especially when things don’t go my way and the only one I have to blame is my own person. When I am assigned to be worship leader during a Sunday Service and screw up the notes and the words to the song, it can make me quite angry towards myself. Or when I failed to clean out the kitchen cabinets for weeks in a row.

According to the Bible: Love is patient, love is kind, love is not easily angered, it will always hope and never fails. [Read Corinthians 13 for more]. We have to be patient with ourselves, kind towards ourselves and not get angry with ourselves.

Really, we should be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say: “I love myself. I am wonderfully made and I deserve to be patient, kind and hopeful towards myself. I deserve that new coat and that box of chocolate too. ”

There is nothing selfish about this. In fact, we owe it to ourselves to pamper ourselves with loving thoughts and gifting ourselves with fancy things.

Thankfully I have Maker Who loves me unconditionally. He loves me despite of my flaws, despite of whatever. And when I realize how He looks at me; That He knows my name and my every thought. That He carries me through oceans of weary and that I am wonderfully made by His graceful hands, with love. Well, that my lurking friend just warms my heart right up. His love is the fanciest of all.


And when you love yourself. When you pamper yourself with kind thoughts. When you are patient, kind and not easily angered, make sure to do so for others too. Because we all deserve to be treated with patience, kindness and be given a bit of hope and love by our fellow human beings. Because God loves us all equally, as we all live our own unique lives.

548836_465016530187539_365335859_nWe should embrace who we are, what we are capable of, our humor, our own special ways to deal with the world we live in. Look at the things you’ve accomplished so far. Don’t beat yourself up when you haven’t reached your childhood goal yet. We can’t all become unicorns. And why would we all want to be boring unicorns when we are fabulous like Shrek’s Donkey?

And let’s not feel threatened by someone who seems to be doing a whole lot better in life. So what if they have great paying job, are married with children and have beautiful hair too? So what? Root for others. Even when they are obnoxiously perfect on the outside. They aren’t you, you aren’t them. We are all our own kind of beautiful!

Oh wow, I think the delivery guy is ringing the door. One moment please…

So where was I? Oh yes: Love yourself, love others. Love love love. You know what I love? My new bra. Aaaaaah, so comfy. The twins are happy, and so is my back. And my new coat, so classy!

I think, instead of calling today Valentines Day to rename it Value Thyself Day. Buy yourself something fancy. Stick self motivational post it’s on a mirror and read them out loud as you prance about in your classy new coat and say:


I wish you a wonderful day, my lurking friend.

3 thoughts on “Value Thyself Day

  1. I was really down and low today. Got dumped after 4 years relationship. Gave it my all and got nothing in return. Felt so lost and so sad. But this writing you share has really made me feel better. Thanx so much for share this.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Break-ups are never easy. It’s maybe a clichĂ©, but time does heal all wounds and soon things will feel much better.

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