Happy B-Day Farrell & Shinoda

Wazzap, lurking friend? How is life?

It sure is cold here in the land of wooden shoes. I’ve been carrying lady Mashimaro around the house, she’s always nice and warm. She is sitting with me right now, actually.

So. Monday went by quite fast. Maybe that’s because I was in a well deserved coma yesterday and woke up late. Felt the urge to draw something. Haven’t drawn for a while. Just wasn’t sure what to draw at all. And then I saw this fun request on Mikeshinodaclan; to make something nice for Shinoda’s B-Day. Fans can submit their artsy stuff on a special Tumbler page until the 11th of February. And then Mikeshinodaclan will hand it all over to the fabulous Mr Shinoda. Yup. Exciting, huh?

Sure had me entertained for a while. Ended up drawing a whole bunch of Mike Shinoda sketches with a dry marker. Eventually I scanned one and colored it with Paint.Net. It’s not perfect, but I had fun making it so who cares. Might upload some more sketches onto my DeviantArt account.

And guess what day it is? It is the 11th of February. Which means the birthday of my other favorite rapper has begun. Oh wowie! He isn’t the only birthday boy, though. On February 8th was the birthday of bass player Dave “Phoenix” Farrell. Hip hip hooray for the both of them. Both of ‘m are getting closer to their forties. Dangit, time sure flies.


The two Linkin Park dudes have been posting these brilliant photo’s of themselves on instagram and on tumbler. Apparently it’s for a supposed birthday challenge they did in 2014, to raise funds & awareness for Music For Relief. What a troopers, to think of others in need on their B-Days like that. Gotta love ‘m for it.

I wonder what silly thing they will do this year. I sure hope they won’t let us wait for it for 2016. What would be cool, is if they’d perform during their concerts dressed like the Care Bears. That’d be awesome 🙂


I do believe I’ve seen the monkey onesie before. Mr Shinoda wore it a few years earlier. Cause Mr Shinoda likes to be surrounded by monkeys. So it appears. That’s what this clip on Youtube indicates anyway: [click for Monkey Shinoda].

Hope their other furry friend is doing better too. Chester Bennington broke his ankle and so the band canceled their tour. Fans were bummed, the band were bummed. But hey, it can’t be helped.

Chester sure gets sick and injured a lot. Maybe they should make a robotic replica of the singer and take that one along on tour. Not a clone, because they already have a Shinoda clone. That’s why the guy never lifts his shirt, not ever. Because he has no bellybutton. It’s the truth, he said it himself. Just watch this clip.

No, but for real, though. Linkin Park should have a back-up plan, they should have a Chazzy 2.0 robot on tour. Kind of like Chappie.

Imagine what awesomeness would be on the stage with the Shinoda Bear, Phoenix Monkey and the other Care Bears and a Chazzy 2.0 screeching and jumping up and down the stage! That, my friend, would be an awesome beyond awesomeness show. Maybe I should start a petition for it?

Speaking of Chappie btw: Have you seen the trailer for this? I so started squealing like a little girl when I saw the cute robot with the bunny ears. It reminded me of Short Circuit’s Johnny 5. Too cute. I want to see that movie so bad, it hurts. I believe here in the land of wooden shoes it’ll be out in Theaters in a few weeks.

Anywayz. I think lady Mashimaro needs to pee. Check out the Chappie trailer below and have a splendidly wonderful day, my lurking friend!

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