Forever young?

Good day to you, my lurking friend. Wazzap??

It is Sunday, it is sunny and not too cold. I am on my way to church. The train I am in is just as slow as I feel at the moment.

Yesterday I went to an Indonesian party, organized by a few folks from church. It was fun. There were all sorts of bands playing old skool IndoRock, dangdut and even salsa.

A few band mates were there too. One of them had sneaked in some rum. My sibling had sneaked a bottle o’ Jacky D inside. It felt a bit silly because when we were teenagers we used to do this too, haha.

So we had ourselves a bunch of Jack n coke, danced until the morning. My mom doesn’t drink alcohol but she was just as woozy as us. By the time I got home it was 3 in the morning.

Didn’t sleep much and eventually my alarm woke me at 9 in the morning. Was out of smokes, so before hopping into the train that seems to be hungover as well, I stopped by this little shop where I always go to buy my smokes. Had to show ID because the lady behind the counter thought I was underaged…

It’s nice to know that eventhough I feel like a groggy zombie, that I still can pass for a teenager…

God can keep a soul young, my lurking friend. Now if you will excuse me, I need to prep with the church band.

Have yourself a blessed Sunday.

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