Merry Christmas!

To the lurking lurkers out there who pass by to this blog from time to time, and to those who just dropped by:

Have yourself a Merry Christmas!


I have too little time and too much to do. Tomorrow’s the big day: Project Christmas in a small Indonesian Church in Amsterdam will go live, expecting 300 guests.

I am too busy to be nervous. It is fun and weird at the same time to be on the other side for once. Instead of visiting a church for Christmas, I arrange the celebration. Not by myself, with help of lots of lovely people from the Indonesian church. I am stoked to sing live with the band too. I’m trying to wrap up a few small details right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually pass out before midnight and arise from my coma in the morning…

So much to do, so little time…

fb-kerstdienstBut with the Spirit of The Lord there is peace and strength to do all things in Christ.

The Messiah, the Lord of Lords Who was born on this wonderful Christmas eve. For there is no reason for this wonderful season if Jesus Christ isn’t included in the celebration.

Oh how I love Him, the King of Israël. My Prince of Peace, the Son of the God of wonders, the Emmanuël. He, Who lived and died and rose again on high, giving the greatest sacrifice for you and I. And He did it all for love.

And so I wish you and yours and all those more, blessings, peace, joy and loads of love for this year, the new year and the years to come.

God bless you!

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