Longing for another coma

Good day there lurker! What’s up with you? I’m still up, that’s what is up with me.

Last Monday I was in a lovely comatose state. Ah, what a wonderful coma that was. I long for another comatose day. But for some reason, it is already 6 in the morning on a Tuesday as I write this down. I have Shout from Tears For Fears blasting out of my flaptop speakers. There’s re-runs of Scrubs on the TV. And I’ve got a head full of thoughts, a heart full of distress and a hand full of nonsense while remaining sleepless. Yep, I tend to do all sorts of things simultaneously.

Frankly, since Thursday I’ve slept about 2 to 3 hours a day. Maybe it’s the night terrors that I try to avoid now, because I’ve had 2 of them so far since Thursday. Quite disturbing Night Terrors. Of which one actually came true on Saturday.

But maybe my lack of sleep was caused by the fact that I was nervous for reuniting with my father, whom I haven’t seen for several months. We met up Saturday. Oh, my night terror wasn’t about meeting my dad btw. Meeting up with my dad was quite interesting.  Whenever we get together it always feels a bit awkward at first. My dad is socially awkward and I happen to have inherited that same trait. So the first hour we tend to just talk about farts and how much we hate Mark Rutte and the rest of the day we end up smoking a lot of cigarettes in his backyard. Yes, fun times.

But sleeplessness could be caused by something else too. Maybe it’s because running around for all sorts of projects 6-days-a-week just isn’t that healthy after all. And then there’s the: “Hey girl, could you write a letter for me?” Sure! “Hey buddy, could you retouch my logo and make me a flyer” Sure! “Hey, I have a problem with my kid, could you come help me with it?” And many more similar projects. Fun to do, but it sometimes feels as if people consider me a robot with a source of never depleting energy. I really need to learn to say no more often…

Or maybe, just maybe it’s because I just tend to have a half-baked sleeping pattern to begin with and should just give up fighting it.

Oh, and I just love how at one point I can tell I’m my own body is becoming tired and notice I’m making slip ups, because of the sleep deprivation. It’s like dreaming while being awake. It’s just so weird to yell “Come on, wake up!” in myself. There’s no point, the eyes are already open and I’m already awake. Zombified!

By Sunday, my body was tired but I had to keep going cause of church business. Praying God to keep me awake during the Sunday Service and for the activities afterwards; Practice with the choirs and the band. I’ve never lead the choirs all by myself before and old Indonesian people tend to be stubborn. It was quite the task to get them all to sing the right tones and to have them simultaneously sing the same words of the songs…

Aside from prayer I’ve resorted to lots of substances with caffeine, like black coffee with sugar and black tea. And these powerful Carabao Energy Drink bottles which I purchase from time to time from the Oriental Shop. That helped me stay more than wide awake this Sunday.

Those energy bottles are more powerful than Red Bull, man! It’s been said that airplane pilots used to drink this crap to keep themselves awake with. Not sure if that’s true or whether the lady at the Oriental Shop was just saying it to convince me to buy a complete pack of 8 bottles of this drink. She claimed that just a swig of a bottle of the Carabao Energy Drink can give a real power boast for at least 4 more hours. And I’ve experienced this myself yesterday. And so I ended up drinking an entire bottle.

Maybe the fact that I am still awake now, more than 24 hours later, maybe isn’t much of a surprise after all.

Ah! I just love rambling away over nothing. How else am I supposed to fill this blog up from time to time? With useless click-bait? Random DIY’s? There’s enough of that online. Speaking of which, I stumbled upon this awesome one today to craft your own scented candles. And I just love scented candles so making them myself seems like a fun thing to do. Check it out here: DIY Scented Candles.

You know what else is fun? When Comedy Central airs a marathon with re-runs of Scrubs in non-chronological order. Totally not annoying at all. *sigh* But I think I’m going to focus on watching them non-chronological episodes of the first seasons of Scrubs. Because they are the most fun of that classic show. And maybe after that I’ll hopefully crash and sleep for at least 3 hours again.

Bye lurking lurker. Have a good one.

One thought on “Longing for another coma

  1. Especially after days and days filled with activities,
    a good deep sleep is more than welcome.

    Hope you will find more rest.

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