Comatose Monday

Wazzap lurkers???

I’ve slept for 12 hours straight and have just woken up. Had myself some delicious cheese-n-ham crossaints with hot sleeping droolingchocolate and am going to spend some more time lazily in my PJ’s.

I just love comatose Mondays šŸ˜€ I deserve comatose Mondays, I run around for all sorts of projects 6-days-a-week. If it weren’t for the comatose Mondays I’d go nuts. Oh wait, I’m nuts anyway. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah; Comatose Mondays are the best, hooray!

Seriously, I recommend it to everyone and anyone; Everyone deserves to spend a day in a comatose state, at least once a week! And don’t worry about deadlines, projects that still need to be done and what-not; A well-rested person can work a whole lot harder than a tired one.

A few tips to have the best comatose sleep:

  • Make sure your bedroom is cold and leaveĀ the window open for a little.
  • There’s nothing comfier than fresh and clean bed sheets
  • Burn some scented candles before bed
  • Watch an adventurous dreamy movie before going to bed. Something from Studio Ghibli usually does it for me. Or listen to some peaceful music. I prefer worship music by Hillsong and the likes.
  • Let go of the day and empty your mind. I do this with prayer.

Works like a charm. Give it a go. And if this is not the way you prefer to prepare yourself for a well deserved day of resting, feel free to share your own ways in the comment section below. Enlighten me with your own thoughts, I am curious to know what they are!

And now I will go and fetch Droppie Rabbit and watch some good ol’ CSI and Bones with her. My rabbit favors TV-shows with lots of blood and gore. It’s a trait she got from her mom, she used to watch scary movies too.

Both Mashimaro and Noodle rabbit couldn’t be bothered about TV or loud music. They literally don’t care. You could put on some loud bad ass Death Metal and Mashimaro would still go on with her business not feeling the least trembled. Maybe they’re going deaf? Or maybe it’s because as long as they are cuddled with; that’s all they care for.

Gosh, look at the time:Ā Time for some blood and gore.

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