Good day to you, my lurking friend! I am just so gifted in coming up with a nifty title, aren’t I? But hey; How have you been?? I sure hope the passed days have treated you swell and that the weather was kind, no matter where you are. Oh, and welcome to the new lurking friends who have signed up for my spam recently! I am honored to have your lurking eyes scan my blog. May it entertain you as much as it entertains me.

It is 4 in the morning. It has been a few days since I bothered to nag incoherently in this supposed blog of mine; This dumpster of my thoughts and frills.

Here in the land of wooden shoes and tulips the temperature has dropped below zero. No snow yet, though. It appears that the USA is taking one for the team when it comes to snow. I heard on the news that even Florida might have a white Christmas.


Speaking of Christmas; Today I set up the fake mini Christmas tree. Complete with gifts placed under it, to tease my family with. I enjoy great pleasure in putting the gifts under the Christmas tree, 2 weeks before Christmas; Having my family waiting in anticipation until they are allowed to touch their presents and unwrap them. Oh such joy, to see the impatience in their eyes. Such joy, to see the shame that they haven’t even gotten presents for me in return. Which I don’t mind, there is so much more fun in giving than in receiving.

We have this tradition since a few years, to play some board and/or card games with the Christmas de gifts as a prizes. The winner of a round gets to pick a random gift from the tree. When the gift has their name on it, they can open it. When the gift has another name on it, they obviously give it to that person. The game rules could use some tweaking and yeah it is a bit corny, but it is so much fun to do with the entire family.

Do you have a fun/silly game too with Christmas presents? Or do you have other nifty Christmas traditions? I’d sure like to read about it!  So feel free to share your Christmas tradition, ideas and games in the comment section.

God help me, I should really be sleeping because I have a worship team to lead in 10 hours from now. But no, instead of sleeping I have been playing the ‘good listener’, providing my sibling and friends my ear to dump their worries in. By the time they were all done with their endless chants of dispare and random anekdotes, you would assume I’d be tired. Yet seemingly not tired enough to actually fall asleep. Nope.


For some reason I ended up watching a movie about the legend of Pope Joan, with John Goodman. The story tells us that a 1000 years ago, this woman who dressed up like a munk to search God and to study and eventually, supposedly she became pope. I am no catholic but this story sure was interesting. What inspirered me about this story, whether it is fiction or a true one, is how much this Joan sacrifised to be able to learn about God, in a time when women weren’t allowed much and by a twist of fate even became Pope. Aside from pretending to be from another gender, she also had a lover and eventually got pregnant. The movie shows her outside of the church for Easter celebration and then suddenly bleeding to death. Nope, the legend of Pope Joan had no happy end.

Oh dear, we are having Holy Communion this service. I find all church services equally special. But to lead a church in worship during Holy Communion is such an honor. And afterwards I have band practice for Christmas Service. I am feeling stoked, thrilled yet crummy at the same time; for there is so much to do and there is so little time…

My lurking friend, may your Sunday be a blessed day. May you and yours be treated swell. I thank you all for scanning my blog. Despite that I ramble so incoherently.

May God bless you and keep you and give you peace. And pieces of pies.

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