Insomnia, we meet once again

Dear Insomnia,

You suck. I thought I was clear in my last rant towards you; I do not wish to dance with you anymore, go away! So bugger off already!

Signed, Me


I guess I can’t sleep. And I really want to. But I can’t. So, here I am again to vent. For some reason I just can’t let go of this event that occurred today, aside from the fact that I hardly ever sleep at normal hours on a day. I guess I’ll just write it down in here. And hopefully I’ll be able to sleep after that [It is now 8 in the morning where I live, and I haven’t slept since 11:00 in the morning yesterday]

MEME-Job-Interview2So what bothers me? Well… Ok, for starters. I’ve been unemployed for a while now. It sucks, yes. Sure, I have a lot of time on my hands. Which I fill with a lot of church activities these days, to at least have the feeling I do something that matters and because I enjoy it of course. But today I had the opportunity to go on a spontaneous job interview!

Don’t you just love job interviews? I totally love job interviews. Yes. I think it’s a great way to meet eye to eye with certain people who work at certain companies. Especially companies of which you know nothing about with obnoxious staff with a work ethic of a slug. And I especially love the kind of job interviews that occur “spontaneously” at those companies with the obnoxious staff. Even more, when you get called to come over within 2 hours without actually knowing what job you are applying for.

And what makes this experience even better? Well, I live on well-fare right now, because my rabbits need food and shelter and unfortunately their droppings aren’t made of gold. And being in well-fare here in my country means also that they will look for a job for you if you can’t find one yourself. Which is great of course, I am fully cooperative in this. Because if you’re not cooperative, they will kick you out of well-fare. And then I would have to sleep in the woods with my rabbits. So…This means that I have to say yes to any job opportunity they give me.

Now don’t get me wrong; I do want to work as soon as possible. I’m writing and calling job agencies as a daily chore, I stop by frequently to let them know that I am available and willing to work. And when I apply for a job on my own, I like to come prepared. At least read up a little about the company in advance and maybe call in advance for some questions, before I actually set foot in their building. I haven’t had much luck so far finding a steady job,unfortunately. I’m not the only one looking for a job right now. The unemployment rate here in the country is rising faster than a fart…

And so, when they called me that morning that I had a job interview at God knows where for God knows what in 2 hours I just said: “Wonderful, tell me more.” Only to be given the address and the name of the person who was expecting my presence…

The location of this job interview was about an hour away with public transportation. And as a woman, I cannot leave the house without at least being fresh and clean. Especially not when I have a job interview. Seriously, I was brushing my teeth and tried to tame [yes, tame] my hair while I tried to google some more info about the company. All I could find was something about a car factory. Yep, I know a lot about cars of course [not really..]

Once I got there at the company, the lady whom I had the job interview with luckily was still in a meeting. Which gave me more time to try and soak up more info about the company. But having the attention span of a fruit fly and probably thanks to being too nervous, my mind went foggy the second the lady appeared. And I tend to be even more sarcastic when my mind goes foggy…

So I sit there with this lady. She has my resume and tells me what the job is and starts firing random questions I’ve heard so many times before during previous job interviews. So far so good, I thought. Until she decided to bring in her fat boss after 10 minutes. And aside from whatever followed next, he seemed like a nice guy, don’t get me wrong. She seemed like a nice lady too. But that’s when the sarcastic side effect of my foggy mind rose up. He took a glance at my resume and wanted me to introduce myself, so I did. Followed by a fire of the weirdest questions I ever had to answer from this fat guy.The dialogue went something like this:

I said: “I like to call myself an artistic, outgoing type of gal who can work hard and a christian that can think out of the box.”

He asked: “Isn’t artistic another word for flaky? You’re religious aren’t you? How come a religious person has to redo high school?”.

I just laughed it off. The lady laughed too.

And I said: “It’s always nice to meet an art lover… And yeah, for some reason God loves bad kids too.”

He asked: “You’re on a deserted island, what would you do?”

I said: “Enjoy every moment of it.”

He asked: “Are you applying for a job here because you want to work here?”

I said: “I thought you said I was going to a deserted island? But ah what the heck, working here sounds like a charm. I can just feel the connection!”

He asked: “Why work in a car factory?”

I said: “Why not?”

Oh, and my favorite of them all: “We are quite boring and flaky here and we cannot guarantee you will work here forever. Is this a problem?” 

I asked: “Wow, you sure love it here don’t you?”

And I guess that’s where the awkward dialogue kind of stranded. It took about an hour in total.  And by the end, he just looked at his hands for a moment, mumbling to himself and the lady stared at him. Then he looked at her, asking her if she had any more questions. She had none. I had none. He had none. Which meant we were done. I thanked them for the coffee and wished them luck. They said they would contact me if I made the cut.

Frankly, if they would call me and say that I had the job I’d be dumbfounded.

Is it weird that I kind of hope that they will just find someone else for the job? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy obnoxious and snappy conversations like these very much. And I of course understand that there is a slight chance of a possibility that this fat guy was just trying to see what witty comebacks I had up in my sleeve. Maybe it’s something he does with everybody. Maybe that’s just the way this guy communicates in general. Maybe he gets medicated for this condition and he just forgot to take the right dose this day. But for some reason, I hope they find someone else.



Wow, I’m tired.

To Insomnia,

It is now 10:15 in the morning. I cannot believe you are still around. Congratulations, it’s been almost 24 hours. This ends now.

One thought on “Insomnia, we meet once again

  1. Wow. I feel just like that right niow! I cant sleep too! So funny that you write letter for insomina. I will try same. Maybe it help me too. That man sound like big fat jerk, I would be glad to not work for asshole like that. Hope you find job that is better than this. I hear so many people in Holland with problems finding a job. But keep tryin!

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